Caspian Energy | Special Issue from Forbes Georgia

Caspian Energy | Special Issue from Forbes Georgia

We are pleased to present the special edition of Forbes Georgia – „Caspian Energy“ to our readership.

Cover Story: The Identifier of Innovative Ideas – Farid Ismayilzada

In his home country of Azerbaijan, Farid Ismayilzada is known as either the founder of GoldenPay or Twenty-three-year-old Ismayilzada launched these two innovative projects after graduating from San Jose State University in 2007. Now, three years after he sold his shares in GoldenPay, and another company called eMobile, he is dedicating his time to Technovate – a startup/venture studio with a presence in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Central Asia, and the United States.

“Everyone invests in what they understand and in what they feel comfortable with. Everyone also has different risk appetites.”


Additionally, the magazine features coverage of the following stories, individuals, and perspectives.

◾ The Major Infrastructure & Energy Events of 2022 | Author: Giorgi Tolordava

◾ The Post-Conflict Reconstruction Model for Azerbaijan | Prof. Dr. Vusal Gasiml

◾ Azerbaijan’s Port of Baku Puts Forward a Bold Plan to Expand Port Infrastructure & Continental Freight Transshipment  – Interview with Eugene Seah | Author: Gunel Guliyeva

◾ Foreign Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From Kobi̇a’s Support & Services to Build a Business in Azerbaijan– Interview with Orkhan Mammadov

◾ Industrial Zones in Azerbaijan | Author: Gunel Guliyeva

◾ Aspiring for Long-Term Growth | Author: Gunel Guliyeva

◾ Kyoto, Doha & Paris Come Together on the Caspian | Author: Natalya Susel

◾ Azerbaijan’s Response To Russia’s Invasion Has Included Plans For Increased Energy Exports To Europe | Author: Joseph Hammond

◾ Reimagining the Outcomes that Matter in Azerbaijan

◾ River Inn Resort & Spa: We Invite You to Discover Nabran

◾ The Identifier of Innovative Ideas – Interview with Farid Ismayilzada | Author: Madona Gasanova

◾ Qarabağ FC is Azerbaijan! | Author: Gunel Guliyeva

◾ Mr. Fix is Actively Participating in the Restoration of the Liberated Territories | Author: Gunel Guliyeva

◾ Successful Female Entrepreneur – Gulpari Bayramova | Author: Gunel Guliyeva

◾ Telman Aliyev: The Caspian Energy Club is the Region’s Largest Networking Platform! | Author: Gunel Guliyeva

◾ The Azerbaijani Banking Sector: A New Period of Development | Author: Zakir Nuriyev

◾ Azerbaijan: Eurasia’s Most Underrated Destination For Birdwatching | Author: Jared Ranahan

◾ FTX’s Leaked Balance Sheet | Author: Niccolo Conte

◾ What Caused the Collapse of the Crypto Exchange FTX? | Author: Giorgi Tolordava


The magazine was published in collaboration with Forbes Georgia and Caspian Energy Club.

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