Only Georgian, Only Natural – Sandora is Officially a Georgian Made Product

Only Georgian, Only Natural – Sandora is Officially a Georgian Made Product

Slogan on the Visual “Only Georgian, Only Natural”


There are remarkable news in the Georgian market. The company PepsiCo has fully transferred the production of Sandora to Nabeghlavi, to the partner company – JSC Healthy Water, known for its high-quality standards, which means that Georgian consumers can now brighten their day with even more delicious juice made with natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Sandora has been the unconditional market leader both in Georgia and the Caucasus region for years. Representatives of the new, locally produced brand expect an even faster growth in its popularity and assume that from now on Georgian-made Sandora will continue to win the hearts of consumers even more.

The brand, which was produced in Ukraine for years, had to give up most of its portfolio due to the current situation. However, thanks to the hard work of the team, they managed to transfer the production to Georgia in record time and regain the lost positions. Accordingly, Sandora is now back on the market not only in 0.95-liter form but also in the consumer favorite, individual, 0.25-liter packs – with the usual quality and renewed identity.

Choosing JSC Healthy Water as a partner is definitely not a coincidence. The company is known for its high standards of production quality and extensive experience in the beverage category. Healthy Water is also the bottler of the first mineral water – Nabeghlavi in ​​Georgia.

The start of local production will also increase both the speed of delivery and its radius – which is beneficial not only for the Georgian economy but also for Sandora’s loyal consumers, who will now be able to buy the entire selection of their favorite juice in even more stores, not only in the Georgian market, but in the whole Caucasus Market.

“PepsiCo Production in Georgia is actively growing and developing. The Georgian market is the largest and most relevant for us in the Caucasus region, therefore we are glad that together with JSC Healthy Water we were able to start the local production of Sandora, which, first of all, means that we will be able to supply our customers with this extraordinary product in a better way and in a larger quantity”, – says PepsiCo Caucasus General Manager, Konstantine Merkviladze.

The Georgian market is saturated with a wide selection of natural juices. Therefore, gaining an advanced position in it is not an easy task. The secret ingredient of Sandora’s unconditional success in this competitive market is the highest quality raw materials, which the company has been getting for years from the best producers around the world and using in its own products. As the representatives of the brand say, the high demand for raw materials of this type leads to high competition and, accordingly, stable high quality – which has become a trademark of Sandora juices for a long time.

The quality and reliability of PepsiCo have been well-known to Georgian consumers for a long time. The company produces such brands in the market as Soflis Nobati, Chudo, Rcheuli, Me Margo, etc., and is the largest processor of raw milk in the country.

In addition, PepsiCo supplies Georgian customers with such appetizing snacks as Lay’s and Doritos and soft drinks – Pepsi and Lipton, with which the company is a constant, loyal partner for the entertainment and relaxation of every Georgian.