Axel - Georgian Business Angel Network Becomes a Member of EBAN

Axel - Georgian Business Angel Network Becomes a Member of EBAN

Axel, the Georgian Business Angel Network, has announced that it has become a Member of EBAN, the pan European association for business angels and other early-stage investors.

EBAN unites over 150 member organizations across Europe and the membership will open new opportunities to Axel’s members, e.g., experience sharing with international business angels, cross-border investing, networking with Europe’s leading business angel networks, free access to EBAN’s educational materials and webinars. Lastly, membership grants Axel the ability to potentially showcase Georgia’s most promising technology startups at EBAN’s annual events. Moreover, Axel is part of their Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) community, with the goal to strengthen cooperation between participating members.

“We are so excited to have Axel join us at EBAN, the pan European association for business angels and other early-stage investors! With Axel’s hard work in nurturing angel investment activities in Georgia, we are very lucky to have them. We wholeheartedly support their efforts in strengthening the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem in the country. They will be a great addition to our network as our trusted connection on the ground in one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial ecosystems in the region. By joining EBAN, the Georgian angel community will now have access to colleague investors from across more than 50 countries in Europe and beyond to network with, learn from and possibly even co-invest with. Welcome to EBAN!” said Jacopo Losso, Director of Secretariat at EBAN

Access to finance, especially access to “smart money”, is one of the greatest obstacles when starting an innovative, scalable business in Georgia. Angel investors fill in the gap between friends & family financing and venture capitalist (VC) rounds, which is a crucial stage for startup growth and success potential.  They come with diverse backgrounds, they are either entrepreneurs or successful business professionals who are willing to invest their own capital and time in early-stage startups. Angels are typically interested in more than just receiving a financial return – supporting local economic growth and the desire to give back are just a few of the reasons why people decide to become angel investors.  In Georgia, business angel investing is emerging as an effective and relevant form of capital and will play a foundational role in the country’s entrepreneurial financing ecosystem.

“By joining EBAN, we’re not only creating new opportunities for our members – Georgian and foreign business angels, but we’re also putting Georgia on Europe’s angel investing map,” said Tatuli Okriashvili, Managing Director of Axel.

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