How Many Years Average Georgian Has to Work to Earn $1 Million

How Many Years Average Georgian Has to Work to Earn $1 Million

Working for decades, people often do not think about how much money they have earned cumulatively. analysts have calculated how many years people in different countries need to work to earn one million US dollars. Calculations were made based on average monthly salaries in each ranked country.

The rating includes 102 countries in the world. If all the money is taken into account, the Swiss earn the million the fastest – after working for 13 years and 4 months. Australia is second with 20 years and 1 month. Residents of Singapore will need to work 1 month longer – 20 years and 2 months. The fourth place is taken by Luxemburg (20 years and 4 months). People in the United States will need to work for 23 years and 1 month.

The outsiders of the ranking are Pakistan (427 years and 6 months), Nigeria (435 years and 6 months) and Uganda (515 years and 1 month).

As for Georgia, the country ranks 83rd on the list and the average Georgian has to work for 230 years and 2 months in order to earn one million US dollars.

As to bordering neighbours of Georgia, Russia is ranked 70th (191 years and 9 months), Armenia – 79th (215 years and 4 months), Turkey – 82nd (229 years and 3 months) and Azerbaijan – 89th (257 years and 1 month).

Data on average wages after taxes and mandatory contributions are taken from To convert currencies, the authors of the study used the average Google Finance exchange rate for March 2022.

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