Restaurant "Georgian House" Celebrates Its 10th Birthday

Restaurant "Georgian House" Celebrates Its 10th Birthday

“Georgian House” – one of Tbilisi’s most beloved gastronomic restaurants – is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the years, “Georgian House” enchanted guests with the traditional Georgian taste, aroma and exceptional architecture. Yet, it elevated the service industry to a new level, too. It is evident the first time you enter the restaurant, as most people greeting you at the entrance are people who would have met you there ten years ago.

The creators attribute the restaurant’s success achieved the Georgian gastronomic market to the proven and conceptual vision, efficient organizational structure, and the invaluable input of the employees. According to Tamar Matikashvili and Bacho Lukhutashvili, who has been running “Georgian House” since day one, their vision is to preserve the essence of the cultural heritage of traditional Georgian gastronomy and hospitality are rooted.

During their twenty-five years in the restaurant business, Lukhutashvilis created more than ten successful restaurants. The family’s first spot, located on Tabukashvili Street, received its first guests in 1998. With the years passing and the family’s restaurant portfolio expanding, Tamar and Bacho decided they were ready for something greater and more ambitious. On this journey, the family opened its doors to a business partner – it is through this synergy how “Georgian House” came to be.

Despite the restaurant’s immeasurable success, Tamar Matikashvili and Bacho Lukhutashvili decided that ten years after its establishment, “Georgian House” required a new, modern outlook and the stream of creativity that the next generation of their family would bring to the table. Teona, Andria, and their team are not afraid of novelty and are open to change. For them, the conceptual idea, branding, and design behind “Georgian House” must revitalize to present the restaurant’s mission – to appropriately convey the essence of Georgian hospitality and preserve it as a monument of cultural heritage.

Under Teona’s and Andria’s direct supervision, “Georgian House”’s rebranding is underway. Major changes have occurred in the restaurant’s Tiflis space and the ballroom, which will open its doors to the public in April, on the restaurant’s 10th birthday. While “Georgian House” is undergoing renovation, its values and impeccable gastronomic experience, proven by its decade-long stability and the hard work of its personnel, remain unchanged.  S

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