Another Global Recognition of the Bank of Georgia by Global Finance

Another Global Recognition of the Bank of Georgia by Global Finance

In the sphere of Wealth Management, the Bank of Georgia has the best personal banking services in Georgia. The international publisher of Global Finance made a corresponding conclusion and gave the Bank of Georgia a corresponding award.

“This is a great honor for us and at the same time a great responsibility,” said Eter Iremadze, Deputy General Director of the Bank of Georgia, in response to another recognition. She considers the recent success of the organization to be the merit of the people who, according to her, take care of quality and maintain high standards of service on a daily basis.

We should not forget that Global Finance, which was founded in 1987 and with a circulation of more than 50 000 is published in 193 countries, recognizes as the best banks in the world for personal banking services those institutions that achieve great success both in terms of numbers and in meeting the needs to a high degree that their users have. For this reason, this year, the editorial board of the publication conducted an independent study to evaluate a number of objective and subjective factors, and it was as a result of this study that it was revealed that the Wealth Management direction of the Bank of Georgia is the best.

“When it concerns private banking, business representatives who are experienced professionals from executive staff, economically aware of financial trends, are able to make more motivated decisions. Therefore, it is even more difficult to satisfy a rather wide range of their needs”, – said the founder and editor-in-chief of Global Finance, Joseph Giaraputto, and praised the result of the winner.

Naturally, another recognition will give the users of Bank of Georgia Wealth Management even more confidence in their chosen financial institution. The bank itself says that the recognition gives them more motivation and they are not going to stop for the development of services tailored to this segment. – “Such an evaluation gives us a special motivation not to stop and look for new opportunities and ways to further develop our services and offers,” – the deputy general director of the Bank of Georgia notes and adds that the customer of the accumulated property management direction is looking for a long-term partner not only for himself / herself but also for his / her family. Therefore, meeting the needs of this segment is an even bigger challenge. “That’s why we try to offer Wealth Management users customized financial advice and solutions, which ultimately help them achieve their goals,” says Eter Iremadze.

The Bank of Georgia has been successfully providing personal banking services to customers for more than ten years in the direction of accumulated property management. Customers of this segment receive a personal approach from the bank, financial or non-financial – the so-called Lifestyle offers. In addition, as they say in the bank, in general, the segment of personal banking services grows and develops from year to year. It is true that growth slowed down during the pandemic, but the team used this challenge as an opportunity, as a result of which, many processes were digitized by the Bank.

Personal banking services are one of the priorities of the Bank of Georgia. Recently, the process of improving certain conditions in the service packages has been completed. However, as Deputy General Director, Eter Iremadze tells us, this is only the beginning of the pleasant news that customers should expect from them by the end of the year. She does not specify the news yet, but she promises that the readers of Forbes Georgia will certainly learn about it. S

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