The 150 Largest Georgian Companies by Revenue

The 150 Largest Georgian Companies by Revenue
28 billion GEL is the sum of all the revenues of the 150 largest private Georgian companies excluding the banking sector in 2022.

The following is a list of the largest private companies in Georgia by revenue. It has been compiled based on financial accounts published by the companies themselves. The companies that dominate the list are companies from the energy, oil, retail, healthcare, and communications sectors. The list does not include state-owned companies, for whom Forbes compiles separate rankings.

The Largest Companies by Revenue

The 150 Largest Georgian Co… by Forbes Georgia


Based on the financial reports published by companies on, we prepared a list of more than two hundred companies, which we shortened to the one hundred and fifty largest companies by revenue. However, certain companies that should be on the list have not published their audited financial statements for 2020 and have not been included. They include companies from the mining, construction, development, retail and aviation sectors, as well as others.

Many companies on the list own subsidiary organizations. In each case, we used the group’s consolidated financial reports, including all subsidiary firms. For example, Socar Energy Georgia includes Socar Petroleum, Socar Gas and other subsidiary organizations. Similarly, in the case of other companies that represent groups, the consolidated financial statements of the parent company have been used.

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