Business Opportunities in Georgia

Business Opportunities in Georgia
TBC Capital – leading provider of investment, brokerage, research, and corporate finance solutions in Georgia

Similar to the global trend, there has been an increased demand in Georgia for alternative ways of investing and efficient management of savings from both businesses and individuals. TBC Capital is responding to this trend by offering brokerage services to stakeholders.. The 2022 upgrade of TBC Capital’s trading platform has added to this opportunity. With the platform, users can trade securities in 20 countries, on more than 60 stock exchanges. The platform includes both a web version and a mobile version, making the trading process even more convenient.

Parallel to intensive investment activities, one of the priority areas for TBC Capital is research, where users have access to macroeconomic and sector analysis, operational updates and forecasts. TBC Capital also publishes Global Capital Market Overview allowing the users to stay  abreast of international trends and make decisions about investing in foreign securities based on in-depth analysis.

TBC Capital maintains a leading position in investment banking in Georgia and is actively raising awareness of capital market instruments and corporate access to diversified funding sources. In 2022, 11 bonds were placed through TBC Capital, which is a record for the capital market in Georgia. During the year, the total amount of placements exceeded GEL 1.5 billion. TBC Capital has placed more than 60 bonds during its history. Among them are 8 Eurobonds listed on the Irish and London Stock Exchanges. As of 2022, TBC Capital is the leader in the capital market and holds 77% of the market in terms of total placements.

Based on the above, the international publication – Global Finance named TBC Capital the best investment bank in Georgia twice according to the following criteria: market share, number and volume of transactions, services and consulting, innovative capabilities, competitive prices and market reputation.

Why Georgia is interesting for investors?

Georgia is an interesting country for investors, as the market here is still in the process of development, which, along with many challenges, creates many opportunities. There are many untapped and interesting niches in the market for investors.

When an investor makes a decision, he assesses several components – including the ease of starting a business in a particular market. The credit rating is also important. This is an independent and objective assessment by a reputable third party of the credit risk of a country or corporation.

Georgia’s rating was determined as “B+” by leading rating companies in 2005-2007. Since then, our rating has improved by 2 levels. It should be noted that despite the impact of the pandemic on Georgia’s economy, none of the rating companies have downgraded our credit rating.

The most important thing an investor needs is stability, transparency and high growth potential. S

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