The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Publishes an Article on the Historic Phage Manufacturer “BioChimPharm”

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Publishes an Article on the Historic Phage Manufacturer “BioChimPharm”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in cooperation with BTU published an article about the modernization and rebirth of BioChimPharm’s historic Phage Factory.

„Georgia, besides being a pioneer and world-renowned for its 8,000-year-old tradition of winemaking, also holds the distinction of being a cradle of Phage Technology and Phage Therapy.“ – We read in the article.

BioChimPharm (BCP) is a Georgian-based, biopharmaceutical company, that focuses on research, innovation, and production of novel antibiotics based on bacteriophage—or simply phage technology. Currently, phage based pharmaceutical products (preparations) are the only viable alternative to antibiotics globally. The Company possesses unique technological knowhow and over 100 years of accumulated experience in R&D and the production of antibiotic alternatives, holds 2 international patents and exports phage preparations to 8 countries.

“We would like to thank BTU multidisciplinary team of professionals for this excellent article and the opportunity. The recognition of the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship is of utmost importance, positioning Georgia as the homeland of Phage Technology and putting it on the global map of biotechnology.” – Rati Golijashvili, General Director of BioChimPharm.

Rati’s work in the field of biotechnology and phage technology, his contribution in fight against the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) earned him a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list twice – in Science (2018) and in Manufacturing & Industry (2019). He is also a jury member 2022 for the same list, recognizing and supporting the achievements of young scientists who are making an impact in their respective fields.

In 2021-2023 years, BioChimPharm has modernized and reequipped its historic Bacteriophage (Phage) manufacturing factory in compliance with the international pharmaceutical manufacturing standards (EU GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice).

As a result, BioChimPharm became the first GMP-certified industrial phage manufacturer in Georgia and in the world. The newly modernized manufacturing plant is equipped with high-tech infrastructure, machinery and production lines provided by the leading pharmaceutical machinery producers from Europe and around the world.

BioChimpharm’s newly modernized plant, which is located in Tbilisi, represents the first manufacturing facility producing sterile liquid dosage forms in the South Caucasus, covering the full production cycle, including the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs, substance), as well as primary and secondary packaging of medicines. Recently increased  production capacity allows the Company to produce up to 30 million vials of sterile preparations every year.

It is worth noting, that World Economic Forum has acknowledged the incredible potential of phage technology, recognizing it as one of the prominent Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2023 which changes the world.

Antibiotic resistance is responsible for an estimated 700,000 deaths per year globally, 35,000 deaths per year in USA and 25,000 – solely in Europe. It is projected to cause 10 million deaths by 2050 – more deaths than are currently caused by cancer. Recent high profile reports project USD 100 trillion in losses by 2050 if nothing is done to reverse the trend.