Interview With Vicky Ramancha, CEO and Owner of RNR Healthcare

Interview With Vicky Ramancha, CEO and Owner of RNR Healthcare

RNR is one of the fastest growing pharma and medical equipment trading companies in the Middle East and as a matter of fact with the new management and owner in charge, RNR Healthcare tends to become one of the biggest also in East Asia with a large operation and management unit in China and South East Asia Pacific. Additional RNR Healthcare has also entered in the US market with a new incorporation of R&R Global Procurement Corporation ran by the Chief Executive Officer Vicky Ramancha.

In this interview we will discuss about pharmaceutical business and strategies to succeed in global business.

You have been in the investment sector for over 10 years and now you run a Dubai based pharmaceutical and medical equipment trading company. How one coming from investment sector lands business in the pharmaceutical industry?

Vicky Ramancha: I have worked with multiple private family offices in Mumbai, back in India for over 10 years. We managed funds for high net worth individuals from India and also other countries like Pakistan and even China. As a fund manager, your job is to make sure to check very carefully where you put investors money. That means being able to analyse companies very well and also the founders and the team. Now, India is of course very big hub for trading and technology but when we talk diversification we also talk regional diversification.

Let’s say something new happens in India, like a new law or new regulation, that would increase risk for local business. For this reason we diversify to invest in foreign companies outside of India as well. The focus has always been manufacturing and production businesses because these businesses produce cash directly. So over the years I managed family offices’ funds and I supervised a lot of investments into production based businesses for general trading sector.

I discovered, already before 2019 that the pharmaceutical and medical product production has been rising in demand, and this information was already available and known to me and other guys from the family office, so we started looking into pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Then right when COVID hit on 2020, we understood that healthcare is going to be absolutely critical and the demand since that time has been at all time highs for all medical and pharma products.

I knew that I was not going to be a fund manager forever, my original goal was to run my own business as a CEO of an already operating company. In 2020 I invested into multiple companies that were trading pharma and medical products and one of them actually did well, and with time here we are, now I own the business and I am the CEO.

That is very fascinating, how do you see the pharma sector growing over the next following years?

Vicky Ramancha: I think that people right now are experiencing more health issues than ever before. That is because of how our world is evolving and changing. Foods are changing, technology is affecting our body cells more, there are more elements today that we may not really care about that too much but in reality when you put a thousand small elements together, as a whole these things can cause health issues.

From the moment we wake up, get ready and go to work, the human body goes through a lot of stages, and for the body to be able to function properly from the morning to the evening, the body should be in a good and healthy shape.

Today there are more and more supplements available in the market than ever before, and people use more and more different medications, supplements and whatever you can think of. If we go back to the old ages, you know in reality the human body does not require to eat as often as we eat today. Some people eat food every hour, but at the same time eating a lot of food can be dangerous.

So there are many things, and the way how all of these things are being adapted today, just confuse the body and body’s system. So our bodies are evolving and so is the health. The human health requirements are changing, and to be able to provide the best help for human health, constant research and development is required as well as new products all the time.

In my opinion healthcare as a business is here to stay for as long as we are alive as human race and probably even beyond that.

Your take on healthcare is indeed very interesting. Now, when it comes to RNR Healthcare, what sort of pharmaceutical and medical trading business do you do?

Vicky Ramancha: My company and my brand, RNR Healthcare, is about providing access to the most in demand required products. Let’s say there is a shortage of a specific pharma product or maybe a medical device, technically anything that is related to health. My company’s global supply chain is so well established that we can reach almost any factory in the world and request an order on almost any medicine out there.

I’ve been working in production and manufacturing for a long time. Even when I was investing on behalf of clients, I ran operations and on ground supervision for some projects and many included pharma and medical. My network in the pharma space is very extensive which is able to reach the major part of global market’s supply chain. That is exactly why RNR Healthcare has always been at the top and that is why we are able to provide clients the best service that any other trading company simply cannot.

Now, with all our resources and capabilities, I believe I can take this business to the next level, and in fact, I believe that listing RNR Healthcare on a public exchange would be just the thing I need to do, and that is my mid-term goal.

How much capital are you expecting to raise in the IPO for RNR Healthcare and for which purposes?

Vicky Ramancha: I cannot disclose the exact numbers right now, but I can say that the vision for RNR Healthcare is to not just be a pharma trading company but more like best quality pharma product producer. Me and my team are strategizing on our next move for setting up pharmaceutical production factories in China and perhaps even the Middle East. We want to become the producer of the most in demand pharma products that we would have the rights to produce on extremely quick note with the help of artificial intelligence.

Let’s say there is a shortage of Product A in the world, and even the original manufacturer has its own limits for how much they can produce a year. Now, let’s say there is a shortage and demand is too high. In that case, the original Product A’s manufacturer would come to us and request RNR Healthcare to use our production facilities powered by artificial intelligence.

Now because every manufacturer has their own rights and IPs to the product, the Product A’s manufacturer wouldn’t obviously want third parties to have anything to do with the recipe of the medicine. And that is exactly the flexibility that RNR Healthcare will be able to provide, and so with the help of AI, we any world’s manufacturer can use our super fast production lines to produce their own original product at extreme phase while at the same time keeping a complete privacy on the details of their original products, because AI will supervise the entire process of this production.

What I want to create is not just a simple factory where we simply produce standard products. I want to create something more, and I believe in technology, and I want to use AI to create something that right now is not available in the market, and I can bet that in the future, perhaps 5 to 10 years ahead, our world will face another pandemic, and large enterprises are preparing for it already now, but having standard factory facilities is not enough, you need advanced technology, and I believe that AI can help to increase pharma production in ways none of us ever imagined or believed was possible.

RNR Healthcare is looking to disrupt healthcare sector with advanced technology. CEO Vicky Ramancha believes that company can achieve new heights and potentially unlock a new way how manufacturing and production of pharmaceutical products is being done.

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