TOP 10 Modern Georgian Brands You Need to Know

TOP 10 Modern Georgian Brands You Need to Know

Traditional Georgia is known as the land of delicious wine, mineral waters and resorts. However, modern Georgia not only carefully preserves its customs but also develops in trendy directions. In this article, we will talk about the new brands of Georgia that have received recognition outside the country.

Clothes: Situationist

The Situationist brand is only 7 years old. The company started in 2015. Designer and owner – Irakli Rusadze. Recently, his brand has become a member of the Georgian Fashion and Clothing Association. The association works with the support of the German government within the framework of the Clusters4Development project.

Brand feature: The creators of the Situationist label believe that the entire cycle – from cutting to tailoring – should be carried out by one person. In addition to the name of the trademark, the name of the seamstress who worked on the product is separately indicated on each item. Each member of the Situationist team is a tailor, which allows them to bring design ideas to life.

Recognition: Despite the young age of the brand, its collections participated in the shows of the Paris Fashion Week three times. In addition, one of the 2016 collections represented Georgia for the first time at Camera Moda in Milan. Since then, the brand has become an integral part of the fashion world: it is discussed, written about, and used for shooting fashion magazines. For instance, in April 2022, on the cover of the German magazine Vogue Germany, the model is wearing a Situationist dress and a silver necklace from the same brand adorns her neck.

Digital: Optio

Optio – Georgia’s first fintech startup for budget management. Its creators won the Startup Georgia competition in 2016 and received an award of 100,000 GEL. In 2019, they repeated their success and received a grant of the same amount from the Innovation and Technology Agency of Georgia and the World Bank.

Brand feature: The founders of the Optio team are childhood friends united by a common goal. They set themselves a global challenge – to coordinate the global banking system with the help of artificial intelligence applications and data analysis.

Recognition: Nowadays, Optio works with 4 banks in Georgia: Bank of Georgia, Terabank, BasisBank, and Liberty. In 2020, Optio received a grant from the World Bank and GITA for the development of the project in the amount of 650.000 GEL. The merits of the physics and technology startup are also recognized by international companies. For example, last year the German service TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH issued a certificate to Optima confirming compliance with the highest global standards for confidentiality and information security. Obtaining this certificate opens the door to the international market for Optima.

Jewellery: Natia x Lako

The brand name includes the names of its two founders – Natia Khutsishvili and Lako Bukia. The collaboration gained popularity thanks to the trend they launched for massive gold dragon earrings. So in 2020, the brand became famous worldwide.

Brand feature: Designers took ancient jewellery as a basis. The ancient products of Colchis were cumbersome. Oriental jewellers created rings and earrings in the form of animals: snakes, deer, and turtles. Natia x Lako jewellery is just as expressive but made in a modern interpretation.

Recognition: The jewellery of this Georgian brand has been spotted by big-name celebrities. Ukrainian supermodel Alla Kostromicheva appeared in Natia x Lako earrings at her birthday party. American singer Katy Perry purchased golden crocodile jewellery back in 2018. Priyanka Chopra, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and other famous people also wear the brand’s products.

Construction: European Village

The European Village company is engaged in the construction of luxury real estate on the Georgian Riviera. The project has villa complexes within walking distance from the cleanest beach of Kvariati, as well as projects of other exclusive real estates of an elite level. The company does not build large-scale projects but instead produces exclusive properties, each of which has its own unique characteristics, which makes it stand out from the mass market.

Brand feature: European Village is a recognized quality leader in the market. The company provides guarantees to buyers for all types of work. The houses built by the company are houses for centuries because the materials and technologies used to extend the life of the building up to 200 years. This is one of the few companies that build exclusively from brick, using natural stone, marble and other environmentally friendly materials.

All objects offer a rapid capitalization of about 30% per year and high investment attractiveness. The capitalization of the company’s construction projects only from July 2021 to April 2022 reached 86%, which is an undoubted record in the real estate market in Georgia and an exclusive offer in the international real estate market.

The company prescribes an income guarantee when buying a villa at 8% directly in the contract of sale, registered in the House of Justice. It also provides for the possibility of a buyback; the developer is guaranteed to buy the house back if the buyer’s plans change, and at an increased price, which is unique for the Georgian market.

Recognition: Almost 100% of buyers of European Village villas are foreign investors. Representatives of business and the establishment of the European Union, the countries of the former USSR, Canada, Israel, and the countries of the Persian Gulf. The Georgian Business edition noted the quality of construction from the European Village as the best in the country.

Drinks: Nabeglavi

The old brand Nabeghlavi produces mineral waters. Today it is part of the Georgian-Swiss holding Margebeli. The manufacturer of the brand entered the holding in 2007 and has since received investments of more than 43 million lari.

Brand feature: In the last years of the Soviet Union and in the early 90s, the production of Nabeglavi almost stopped. Only in 1997, under the management of Healthy Water, the brand regained its popularity among the domestic consumer and has not lost its position since then.

Recognition: In 2017, Healthy Water began cooperation with the European manufacturer Rauch. In the village of Nabeglavi, a diversified plant for the production of products from both companies was opened. Today, the Nabeglavi brand is exported to Europe, Israel, Russia, the USA, Turkey and the CIS countries.

Drinks: Zedazeni

Zedazeni is a manufacturer of Georgian beer and soft drinks. The joint-stock company was established in 2011, but now, after only 11 years, it is difficult to find someone in Georgia who has not tried drinks from Zedazeni.

Brand feature: The plant is located in an ecologically clean area at the foot of Mount Zedazeni. Lemonades are created from the unique Georgian water, known all over the world. The company strives for leadership positions in the Georgian beverage market.

Recognition: Zedazeni drinks are imported to chain stores and restaurants in Russia. Lemonades of this brand took 1st place at the Moscow exhibition of soft drinks in 2013. In total, 120 products from different countries were presented at the exhibition.

Drinks: Mineral water Borjomi

The composition of the world-famous Georgian mineral water has not changed since 1830. Nevertheless, Borjomi remains a modern brand.

Brand feature: The water is saturated with minerals from the rocks of the Caucasus Mountains. Contact with the rock occurs when water, under the action of carbon dioxide, breaks out from a depth of 8-10 km. Recent studies have shown that part of the water from the Borjomi deposit probably originated directly in the source during the collision of hydrogen from magma and oxygen. This means that the water has never participated in the natural cycle. There is no such unique water anywhere in the world.

Recognition: Borjomi has been known in the CIS and Baltic countries since the end of the 19th century and needs no introduction. But IDS Borjomi Georgia received an international product safety certificate in 2007. This made it possible for the brand to enter the European and Central Asian markets and deservedly become world-famous.

Cosmetics: KÁSHKASH

The Káshkash brand began its history in the city of Tbilisi. The care cosmetics of this Georgian brand are made by hand, are not tested on animals, and only herbal ingredients are included in the composition.

Brand feature: Cosmetics recipes are taken from traditional Georgian care, where beeswax, grape seeds and local herbs were used. Káshkash has kept and modernized these recipes. For example, in the product catalogue, you can find a home spa set “Wine Therapy”. Its creators wanted to convey the feeling of pleasure that a glass of real Georgian wine gives.

Recognition: The brand received wide recognition in 2020, when, together with the world-famous Georgian fashion house LIYA, it launched the first collection of decorative cosmetics. The same year, Vogue magazine called the LIYA x Káshkash collaboration the first Georgian brand of decorative cosmetics, noting that this brand has every chance to become a new fashionable landmark in the region.

Wine: Vaziani

Winery Vaziani has been producing wines according to ancient Georgian technology for 40 years. The wines are made in Kvevri from grape varieties grown in the manufacturer’s own vineyards in Kakheti.

Brand feature: The factory owns the cellar of the Kakhetian prince Makashvili. Wines have been made in this cellar since the end of the 15th century. During the reconstruction of the plant in 2012, ancient Qvevris were found. Some of them, despite being a hundred years old, remained intact. Today, they produce a limited amount of wine with strict adherence to traditional methods.

Recognition: Vaziani is recognized all over the world. The wines of this brand are exported to Europe, Asia and the USA. The manufacturer regularly participates in international exhibitions of wine products and receives well-deserved awards. In March 2022, the brand presented its wines at Vinexpo America. The USA today is one of the key markets, wherein 2021 a historical maximum of 1 million bottles of wine from Georgian producers was set, including Vaziani.

Alcoholic drinks: Askaneli

Askaneli is known not only for its 60 world-class award-winning wines. Chacha, cognac, brut and “Otku” are also produced here – distillates extracted from ripe fruits grown in Guria.

Brand feature: Askaneli focuses on both domestic and global consumers, taking into account their tastes. In the catalogue, you can find traditional Georgian wines, combined with local cuisine. But there are also Western-oriented wines that can compete with Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and other well-known varieties. Although French oenologists advise Askaneli, it is important for the founder of the brand Gocha Chkhaidze to preserve the “Georgian style”.

Recognition: The brand annually receives gold and other awards at international exhibitions. In 2022, the French competition “Gilbert and Gaillard international challenge” brought the brand 4 gold medals.

The number of interesting brands in Georgia is growing every year. The reasons are the unique conditions for business, Georgia strives to become a real oasis for entrepreneurs and foreign investors, therefore there is no bureaucracy and corruption, low taxes are established and unique tax incentives are introduced. All these factors give the Georgian economy a powerful boost and allow the market to develop rapidly.


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