Top 5 Best Hotel Projects in Georgia

Top 5 Best Hotel Projects in Georgia

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Investors and business people in Georgia are attracted by favorable business conditions, and tourists from all countries are attracted by the warm climate of Georgia, delicious food and unique nature. For discerning travelers, Georgia can offer holidays in luxury hotels, and for private investors – the purchase of liquid properties. We have collected the top 5 best hotel projects in Georgia, focusing on the uniqueness of the facility, level of service, infrastructure development and location.

5th place. 5* hotel in Akhaltsikhe from Inn Group
Rabat fortress. Source: Pixabay

The Georgian hotel chain Inn Group is well known in the country for projects in Tbilisi, Gudauri, and Bakuriani. Their new project is a luxurious hotel in the small town of Akhaltsikhe. The five-star hotel will include 115 rooms with top-level service.

The developer chose the location not by chance – Akhaltsikhe is located on the way to Borjomi and Batumi, and the city is only 150 km from the capital. Travelers who appreciate peace, comfort and historical sights flock here. The aim of the project is to attract tourists to the region who are interested in Georgian culture. The area is known for the Rabat fortress, the famous Sapara monastery and unique nature. The Inn Group hotel chain also plans to expand to the regions of Imereti and Shida Kartli, but the hotel in Akhaltsikhe will open in May 2023.

4th place. Hotel in Zugdidi from “M2 Development”
The famous Dadiani Palace. Source: Wikipedia

The construction site of a new five-star hotel in Zugdidi is already known. On one of the central streets of the city – Gamsakhurdia Street – a luxurious hotel from the M2 company will be located. The site for the construction of the hotel and its infrastructure occupies 9,000 square meters. This large-scale project will be implemented as a world-class brand hotel, the name of which has not yet been specified. The hotel will be designed for 120 rooms of different comfort classes.

Zugdidi is located in a picturesque place in the center of Mingrelia. The city itself is filled with attractions and attracts tens of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. One of the sights of the city not far from the hotel under construction is the Dadiani Palace, built in the 19th century by the Mingrelian princely family. The five-star hotel should attract connoisseurs of Georgian culture and business people, since Zugdidi is the business center of the Samegrelo region. The hotel is expected to be completed in May 2024.

3rd place. Hotel by Demirören Holding in Tskaltubo
A hotel from Demirören Holding in Turkey. Source 

The famous Turkish holding Demirören Holding is planning to build the Old Iveria Hotel in Tskaltubo. The city enjoys world fame as a unique balneological resort. Now the resort will be decorated with a five-star hotel with the best service. Details of the project have not yet been disclosed, but it is known that Demirören Holding will invest millions of lari in the construction of the hotel and the city itself. One of the most famous projects from Demirören Holding is the Kemer Country Hotel in Turkey. It is expected that the hotel in Tskaltubo will not yield to the Turkish one in terms of quality and scale.

The goal of the project in Tskaltubo is to restore the infrastructure and increase the investment and tourist attractiveness of the region. The construction site of the hotel has not yet been disclosed. There are many picturesque places in Tskaltubo where Demirören Holding could build the best hotel in the city. For example, near the famous Tskaltubo park or on the banks of the river of the same name. The dates of the beginning and completion of the construction of the facility are also not specified.

2nd place. 5* hotel near glass bridge on Dashbashi canyon
Glass bridge in the form of a diamond. Source:

In mid-June 2022, a new attraction appeared in Georgia – the Glass Bridge, connecting the sheer cliffs of the Dashbashi canyon. The center of the bridge is decorated with a bar-restaurant in the form of a huge diamond. The bridge project was implemented by the Israeli company “Kass Land”, they also announced plans to build a five-star hotel overlooking the bridge.

Already, all the necessary infrastructure is being built around the sights. In addition to the restaurant, there is a visitor center, 20 new cottages, campsites and an access road. The essence of the project is eco-tourism, photo-tourism and family vacations. The future hotel is being designed just 90 km from Tbilisi, which makes its location not only picturesque, but also accessible. The hotel is expected to open in 2023.

1st place. Wyndham Grand City in Kvariati
Wyndham Grand City hotel project

The international brand Wyndham has built more than 9,300 hotels worldwide. Wyndham hotels under the Wyndham Grand brand are of the highest standard, with only 13 hotels in this category in the European Region. One of them is being built in the suburban area of ​​Batumi in the resort of Kvariati. Wyndham Grand City is not just a hotel, it is a whole city within a city, consisting of four top-level resort hotels, one hotel and four branded residences, united by a common infrastructure. Wyndham Grand City is being built by European Village LLC, the best developer in Georgia in terms of quality, included in the TOP-10 Georgian brands. The construction of the hotels in the complex will be completed between the end of 2023 and the end of 2025.

The complex of four hotels included in Wyndham Grand City is located in the elite area of ​​Gonio-Kvariati, the cleanest on the entire coast of Georgia. This area is considered the best for seaside recreation due to its impeccable ecology and private location – Wyndham Grand City hotels are located between the azure sea and the mountain range, hiding in the greenery of citrus groves.

All Wyndham Grand City hotels are five-star and include all inclusive services. This means that more and more wealthy tourists from all over the world will come to the region, including the most sophisticated guests. Here are just some of the services available to Wyndham Grand City owners and guests:

  • Helipad
  • Shuttles between objects of the Wyndham-city archipelago
  • Delivery of products and other orders
  • Tennis, billiards, mini golf
  • Aqua zone for adults and children, SPA
  • Restaurant
  • Bathhouse, hammam, Finnish sauna
  • Gym
  • Medical office, medical and sanatorium service

and other services.

Wyndham Grand Riviera is made up of townhouses and villas, while Wyndham Grand Aqua is made up of luxury apartments. Investors who purchase real estate in Wyndham Grand City will receive an income of 5 to 13% per year, which is provided by the popularity of the Wyndham brand – the brand loyalty program has more than 81 million travelers and business people worldwide.

How to choose the best real estate investment in Georgia?

The object of under-investment should bring profit to the investor. To assess the profitability of real estate, you can rely on the following criteria:

  1. Branded properties are recognizable around the world. Due to this, they always attract a greater flow of guests than apartments / villas / townhouses without a big name. Due to this, rental incomes are predictable due to stable demand and can stay at the level of 12-15% per year.
  2. The liquidity of an object depends on its uniqueness. For example, Batumi has a wide range of economy and mid-range apart-hotels. Over time, the liquidity of the acquired objects is falling, as the city is undergoing mass development of apart-hotels of the same class. If you shift your attention to elite properties, you can see that the demand for them is extremely high, and there are almost no offers. This ensures high liquidity for premium properties that do not lose value over the years and even become more expensive. In addition, at any time there will be buyers for an elite object.
  3. The profitability of the object can be specified in the contract with the developer.
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