Climbing the Corporate Ladder to Become a CEO in 8 Years - Vakho Kacharava

Climbing the Corporate Ladder to Become a CEO in 8 Years - Vakho Kacharava

„Tegeta Holding“ has a new CEO: Meet Vakho Kacharava.

Prior to taking up this post, a graduate of Caucasus University in Business Administration went through a long, eight-year journey holding various positions in Tegeta. Initially, he worked as a sales manager. Despite the previous experience of working in corporate organizations, the pace and energy of the company, as well as the brand new challenges and the motivation shown by the employees, dazed the new member of the team; at the same time, it pushed him towards further development.

Vakho Kacharava started climbing the corporate ladder quite quickly, and within a year of his initial position, he was entrusted with heading the marketing department.

„I thought I had been familiar with Tegeta fairly well, but this position showed me my work in a completely new light: the goal now was not to be on the front line, but to act strategically.

I worked in this position for over a year, after which I was fully entrusted with the Product Management Department. Responsibility was clearly reflected in the numbers: more than 300 brands, up to 200,000 unique products, 5 sales channels, hundreds of thousands of customers…

When I realized that I more or less had the huge matrix and the picture in my head, I saw another door open in Tegeta, which led me to manage the Investor Relations Department. During that period, we issued the first automobile bonds in the Caucasus and Central Asia, this was also when we received the Fitch Credit Rating, which is unprecedented to date.“

Then came the introduction of Volvo to the Georgian market. Vakho Kacharava spent two years guiding this direction on the path to success. Soon enough, he was presented with yet another offer: with the outbreak of the pandemic, being the Financial Director of Tegeta Group turned out to be a challenge and responsibility of a brand new scale.

„To put it clearly, it was like appointing a soldier as a general during the war.

I had worked in practically all departments and I think this is my most important asset: I am thoroughly familiar with the business model, I know exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are, and what is needed to become better. In Tegeta, I learned that if you really want something, you can move mountains. I also learned that you can not do it alone, you have to have knowledgeable, loyal and courageous team members by your side.“

Apart from having a strong, collaborative team, what is the 26-year success history of „Tegeta Motors“? Based on which values have it managed to secure and maintain leadership? The newly appointed CEO of „Tegeta Holding“ explains it thus:

„I think we were able to create a high standard of car service in the country. Our goal is to simplify the customer experience of owning a vehicle, which means we offer a complete automotive eco-system“.

It’s one thing to become a leader, but quite another to maintain the standards you established for yourself and raise the bar. Vakho Kacharava has multiple responses to the demands for constant development, including digitization and e-commerce.

According to surveys, 85% of consumers say that e-commerce allows for easier choices and saves their time. The impact of the COVID pandemic should also be considered. It has practically erased all doubts about the effectiveness of remote sales.

„Regional diversification and flying the Georgian flag in even more countries is a responsible task that makes us extremely proud. All that is missing is the fuel sector: now, in line with modern trends, we would like to offer our customers renewable fuels. This entails a complete electrification project, offering both electric vehicles and electric chargers, as well as the relevant infrastructure.“

Forming new strategies as the new CEO has been accompanied by a common challenge that is the worldwide pandemic.

„Proper and effective management of the global crisis remains a major challenge for business. As you know, the price of transportation and raw materials has increased significantly, while the production capacities have decreased. An interesting example is that of the global chip shortage, which has dealt a huge blow to automakers. We were no exception in this regard. Nevertheless, we were able to show a 10% increase in sales in 2020. Considering the pandemic, I think this is a result to be proud of.

We have the best team that shares Tegeta values, never ceases to strive for perfection. I think this is a prerequisite for even greater success. That is why we have an even more ambitious plan this year, and I believe by the end of 2021 we will be able to set historic results for Tegeta.“

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