Forbes Georgia in English - Issue #4

Forbes Georgia in English - Issue #4

We’re happy to introduce 4th English issue of the Forbes Georgia. 

1st COVER STORY: NOT YOUR USUAL CEO – Rixos Borjomi’s Derya Goksan about the history and perspectives of the hotel. Author: Inge Snip, Photos: Khatuna Khutsishvili.

2nd COVER STORY: Pawel Smalinski setting a course for an innovative, customer-oriented and social responsible future of GEOCEL. Author: Inge Snip, Photos: Khatuna Khutsishvili.

Read also:

How Much Does the Georgian Bureaucracy Weigh? by Zaza Abashidze.

Bad in Trade by Beso Namchavadze.

What’s Next for Georgia’s Power Sector by Jan Van Bilsen.

A New Era of Taxation by Rusudan Kemularia.

The Importance of Evidence in Decision Making by Elene Kvanchilashvili.

IT & More at Orient Logic by Inge Snip.

A “Viral” Startup by Inge Snip.

From the Bird’s Eye by Anita Muskaria.

Investing in Development by David Jalagonia.

Alliance Group: Reshaping Georgia’s Architecture

King David – The Concept that Meets All Quality-related Challenges by Elene Chomakhidze.

Continuous Block Chains by Elene Kvanchilashvili.

The History of Georgian Money by Koba Naroushvili.

David Datuna’s ‘Viewpoint of Millions’ by Elene Kvanchilashvili.

Georgian Startups to Follow.

… and many more.

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