Ambit Mining! Every bit secured.

Ambit Mining! Every bit secured.

Nowadays the inherent nature of cryptocurrencies entails high risk and high reward. For a sensible investor, it is essential to minimize these risks by diversifying their assets. Ambit Mining team develops fully transparent and secure mining operation, which provides an income in Etherium on a bi-weekly basis from the mining and hosting operations.

Unlike many other ICO’s, Ambit mining, established in summer, 2017 is already operating company with the profit of 1.3 million USD per year, it’s already built 1 MW mining farm and partnered with 5 MW hosting service provider, so funds gathered is for expanding the existing project, rather starting everything from zero. Ambit mining now aims to build 20 MW mining farm and invites community members to participate in the ICO.

There is number of benefits making Ambit Mining one of the most profitable mining operations in the world:

Location – Ambit mining is located in Tbilisi Free Industrial Zone, in Georgia, one of the most crypto friendly countries in the world.

Tax-Free – Free Industrial Zone Enterprise is exempt from the Corporate Income Tax and VAT.

Green Electricity – all mining units are powered by 100% renewable hydro energy.

Technology – Ambit Mining will partner with major hardware and cooling system manufacturers further reducing  electricity consumption.

The token pre-sale will start on April 3 and crowd sale will begin in mid-April. On presale contributors, have an opportunity to receive 20% bonus on their purchases. Token price at issue will be equivalent to USD 0.5, depending on the date of the acquisition. If we assume that the price of Bitcoin is equivalent to 13,000 USD, ROI from the hosting and mining operations will be as high as 171%. All the calculations regarding ROI you can find on our website:


Our team and advisors consists of experienced professionals from different fields: Beka Vashakidze – CEO and co-founder, who has built and managed previous mining operation, Kay Khemani – CEO of and former executive director of Goldman Sachs, Miguel Palenica – CIO of Quantum, Nodar Kolmakhidze – CIO of Cindicator, Davit Mrelashvili – Region lead of ZenCash, Andrii Matiukhin – Chief Technical Director at Hacken and many more.

We believe in a community-powered business. This business model is something we believe in with such pride and integrity that this will be the future, where competitors share ideas and create the better world together.

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