“Bible of Fashion”-WWD about Forbes Georgia Cover Story

“Bible of Fashion”-WWD about Forbes Georgia Cover Story

With reference to Forbes Georgia English edition of Jan 2021, fashion-industry digital trade journal sometimes called “the bible of fashion” – WWD has published an article “Guram Gvasalia Looks Presidential on Cover of Forbes Georgia”.

“Georgia on his mind”- the lead of the article of WWD’s Miles Socha reads, adding that it’s not every day you see a fashion CEO on the cover of a magazine.

„That last bit about public office was Gvasalia’s answer to Forbes’ question, “What would your life be like if you would have stayed in Georgia?” — and was preceded by a “probably,” but enough for the magazine to float the idea.

In the interview, Gvasalia quotes Einstein and recites many parables while talking about the impact of the pandemic and the challenges of running a family business out of Zurich“, – writes WWD.

Read the full interview in Forbes Georgia

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