Greener Vision

Greener Vision

The purpose of Lisi Development is much more than the construction of buildings and their surrounding environment. Using “greener thinking,” the company provides not only a modern living style and refined architectural complex, but also a brand-new environment for ecological and healthy living in Georgia. Because of its absolutely outstanding and original concept, Lisi Development has won International Property Awards, the European CEO’s Nomination for Best Green Developer 2016 and different local awards in recent years.

Founded in 2010, Lisi Development is already in its eighth year of the project Lisi Green Town, which includes developing up to 355 hectares around Lisi Lake. Despite the fact that the micro city is a 15-minute drive from the city center, the ecological environment of Lisi Green Town is different because of its higher altitude. One of the outstanding advantages of the project is that it’s only a 10-15 minute walk from Lisi Lake, which has some of the most interesting and diverse fauna in Tbilisi. Living near Lisi Lake is pleasant and healthy, especially since Lisi Developments’ initiation of Lisi recreational area development. This project includes sports facilities, as well as other leisure facilities, such as the Hard Rock Café and other private café brands. In addition to ecological cleanness and various entertainment facilities, the area surrounding Lisi is convenient for living. Multiple educational institutions are located nearby, such as The Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy and the British-Georgian Academy.

The project is interesting not only due to its buildings and recreation zones, but also because of its general concept. The micro city’s design is unique, due to its outstanding architecture, the quality of its building materials and its low population density. As for its impressive design concept, 80/20 means  that 80% of the land is used for recreational areas, greenery and additional infrastructure, while only 20% is dedicated to living units. In the case of living units, the project integrates the following building types: apartment blocks, townhouses and villas. The apartment buildings are a maximum of five stories tall, and contain multiple apartments. There are about ten different designs of these apartments, ranging from 55 m² to 200 m². Townhouses are a completely new style of residential building in Georgia. There are several different townhouse designs tailored for the project, ranging from 170 m² to 240 m². Each of them has its own yard. Last but not least, Lisi Green Town will construct three villas with individual designs and courtyards, which will measure 300 m² to 475 m².

If you ask what the main challenge is today, the answer will probably be ecology. Greener visions are especially deficient in developers. Hence, the competitive advantage of Lisi Green Town is the company’s vision and approach as expressed in its geographical location, parks and recreation centers. All the trees and plants are specially imported from Europe, mostly from Italy. The environment is compatible with a European lifestyle, but this is not the end of the eco-development: an additional four recreation zones will be built in the near future on the territory of Lisi Green Town. The 15-member gardening team currently takes care of every tree and plant on the premises in order to maintain their perfect condition. Along with the quantity of parks and plants, the gardening team will also grow.

Obviously, Lisi Development has a long-term development plan, and another feature of this plan is the construction of Lisi Green Tower, a new residential building with vertical gardening and therefore vertical irrigation systems.

The 11-storey tower will contain 23 apartments with spectacular views over the Mtkvari River valley, three retail units suitable for small businesses and an underground car park for the residents. This environmentally-conscious approach to development is recognized as an exemplary direction. It is good to know that in the post-Soviet space there is a place where residential projects are going green as ecologically as they can.

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