Hennessy Announces A Unique Odyssey Along The Legendary Silk Road

Hennessy Announces A Unique Odyssey Along The Legendary Silk Road

Stretching from Cognac to Beijing, Hennessy X.O creates a ‘glocal’ travel and appreciation experience in a seven cities through the works of seven contemporary artists. 

World’s leading cognac MaisonHennessy is proud to announce the creation of a unique creative itinerary along the legendary Silk Road. Inspired by Hennessy X.O, results of this unconventional artistic and cultural adventure will be presented in seven different cities along the ancient route. 

The Silk Road Odyssey by Hennessy X.O. will be presented through exhibition opening on 14th of November in Tbilisi Museum of Modern Art, featuring creative installation by Georgian contemporary artist Rocko Iremashvili. 

The Hennessy X.O journey has always been one of unexpected discoveries and a taste for adventure. In keeping with a creative heritage that is as much material as immaterial, this year the Maison sets out to explore the culturally rich, diverse topography of the legendary Silk Road. For centuries the lifeline to trade and cultural exchange between East and West, the world’s most ancient route today continues to offer surprises, traditions and treasures that are just waiting to be explored.  

The Hennessy Silk Road itinerary is organized across seven cities and features the work of seven artists; a tribute to the seven chapters in Hennessy X.O taste notes. Defined by the Hennessy Tasting Committee to express an experience that flows seamlessly from beginning to end, these chapters are: Sweet Notes, Rising Heat, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Chocolate Lull, Wood Crunches and Infinite Echo

While these portray a universal appreciation of the Hennessy X.O odyssey, every journey of appreciation ­— whether with respect to cognac, the arts or travel — ultimately depends on each individual’s perspective. 

The Silk Road adventure is a simultaneously local and global (‘glocal’) concept designed to showcase the work of noteworthy contemporary artists. Each piece of art is inspired by a personal odyssey, and will be unveiled according to a calendar of local events. Selected and curated by the art consultant Hervé Mikaeloff, Silk Road artists include, in consecutive order: Burcak Bingol (Istanbul, Turkey), Victor Syrnev (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), Rashad Alakbarov (Baku, Azerbaijan), Rocko Iremashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia), Vyacheslav Useinov (Fergana, Uzbekistan), Ashkat Akhmedyarov (Astana, Kazakhstan) and Yin Xiuzhen (Beijing, China). 

In addition, the Maison Hennessy is delighted to announce its first collaboration with the National Geographic Society, the world’s leading destination for exploration and adventure. Thanks to National Geographic photographers and filmmakers, local events along the Hennessy Silk Road tour will be documented and brought to a broad international audience across media platforms.

From its seat in the French region of Cognac and throughout its 250-year history, Hennessy has proudly perpetuated an exceptional heritage based on adventure, discovery and cultivating the best that nature and man can offer. Hennessy’s longevity and success across five continents reflect the values the Maison has upheld since its creation: the transmission of a unique savoir-faire, the constant quest for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to Creation, Excellence, Legacy, and Sustainable Development. Today, these qualities are the hallmark of a House – a crown jewel in the LVMH Group – that crafts the most iconic, prestigious Cognacs Maison.

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