Hilton Apartment Start of the company's activity in Georgia

Hilton Apartment Start of the company's activity in Georgia

A new trend in the world of real estate is an investment in an apartment hotel. Today we are talking to Anjelika Khachidze, Head of PR at Hilton Apartments™.


According to Forbes, Georgia has become one of the 7 best tourist destinations of the post-COVID-19 era. Georgia has gained immense popularity among tourists from all over the world, and the resort town of Batumi on the coast of the Black Sea won the World Travel Awards, which is also called “Oscar in tourism”

Based on these considerations, we started a new direction of our activity in Georgia. Global changes are taking place all over the world. Business, especially in the segment of investments, hospitality, and tourism, requires completely new approaches to the organization of business processes and new standards of service for both investors and guests.

At Hilton Apartments ™ we specialize in hotel business management services, project management for construction sites, and professional business consulting. Taking into account the trends and market analytics, we see a new trend in this segment – it’s hotel-type apartments that generate income for the owners. With this in mind, we have prepared a completely new product for the Georgian real estate market, which we would like to tell you more about in Forbes.

Innovations in hotel business management from Hilton Apartments™

The new format of profitable real estate assets in the form of hotel-type apartments for leisure and business is popular and in demand. Our innovative proposals are in demand by both construction companies, investors from all over the world, and guests.

We’re talking about new rental apartment formats in residential complexes that meet the standards of  Hilton Apartments ™. Therefore, in addition to assisting in commercial and industrial management for construction companies, we have focused on the development of mobile applications and new standards that allow simplifying communication with investors, guests, and, of course, increase the occupancy rate of apartments.

In particular, the mobile application from Hilton Apartments ™ includes the option of remote control, which includes a smart home system, the ability to open the doors remotely(by pressing a button on your phone), as well as view occupancy reports, ROI reports and order different services. This mobile application can be used not only by apartment owners but also by guests of the complex, which sets a new level of convenience.

These innovations are appreciated by the guests of the apartments, because all services, including cleaning, delivery, management, transfer are available in one application. These innovations and new business standards are appreciated by guests and investors.

Taking into account the fact that the popularity of apartments made according to the uniform standards of Hilton Apartments ™ attracts not only guests who want to live, but also investors who want to make money by investing in apartments of this type, we provide relevant business information, as well as actively participate in the process, providing business management advisory services.

This means that we provide business management services, carry out a cost analysis, develop standards for the selected residential complex, provide all necessary consultations on business management for our partners – construction companies and private investors. We create unique products as well as assist our private investors to select some from the existing ones.

Besides, this means that our client receives a turnkey investment product, and our private investors receive a uniquely balanced and made investment strategy with a conservative risk profile.

What opportunities do you provide for private investors?

Taking into account the legal legislation of Georgia, we managed to develop a truly unique product for investors, assuming a low entry price. Today, Georgia is one of the few European countries where it is possible to purchase a share of a hotel-type apartment.

This means that by purchasing a share of an apartment, investors receive a full package of documents of the owner legally registered in the state register. With this in mind, we offer private investors a partnership with Hilton Apartments ™.

Investors can become both the owners of a hotel-type apartment as well as its share and receive a guaranteed income from Hilton Apartments ™.

Also, each investor, regardless of the chosen investment model, has a certain period of free stay. It should be noted that the investment model for private investors includes:

  • Bank guarantee – every investor is provided with a bank guarantee, which additionally covers the risk factors and guarantees the apartment owners (private investors) the payment of annual income, acting as an insurance guarantor. Hilton Apartments ™ is committed to providing our customers with banking security, adding more guarantees and peace of mind.
  • Guaranteed income – our standard for relationships with private investors includes a mandatory guaranteed income of 10% of the invested amount, which is also subject to a bank guarantee.
  •  A uniform standard of apartments, which is specially designed for the convenience of guests’ rest and stay.

What is the most anticipated residential complex in Georgia that is already available for investment with Hilton Apartments ™ for a private investor?

Today, in particular in Batumi, the Black Sea Towers is one of the most anticipated residential complexes at the completion stage, which is located in the city center, on the Heroes’ Avenue.

Black Sea Towers amazes not only with its scale, but also with its location, quality of construction, and technologies used. This complex is located opposite the UEFA stadium, with excellent sea and mountain view. It is built according to Doka’s unique skyscraper technology and top-quality construction. This complex is a city within a city, where residents and guests can use the swimming pools, tennis court, SPA-centers, co-working areas for comfortable work, Black Sea Cinema for 120 spectators, restaurants, a children’s indoor playground, stunning SKY bar with panoramic views of the city, mountains and the sea, its own park in the style of Central Park in New York and 5-level parking for 410 parking spaces.

‘Black Sea Towers by Hilton Apartments ™’ is the embodiment of sophisticated solutions in modern architecture and design. Teams of the best European, American and Georgian specialists have worked in its development process. It is distinguished by its immense scale combined with a unique 5-star infrastructure, which sets the high standards for quality in service and management from Hilton Apartments ™. We are proudly awaiting this complex opening its doors to residents and guests of Hilton Apartments.

Where can I find Hilton Apartments ™ investment models for private investors?

For private investors, we offer an individual investment model, with the assistance of Hilton Apartments ™ investment advisors.

Investors have access to all types of investment models for the selected types of profitable apartments in Hilton Apartments ™, (both studios and 2-3-room apartments). More details are available on the official website – https://hilton.apartments

Who is most likely to invest in the profitable Hilton Apartments ™?

This format of profitable real estate is popular among foreign investors. Thus, we note the keen interest from the citizens of Israel, India, European countries and the United States.

We believe that this format will become more and more popular not only among foreign investors but also among investors from Georgia. Therefore, we strive to create the best investment case for our investors, which only requires installing the application from Hilton Apartments ™, monitoring reports, and earning money wherever you are.


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