King David – The Concept that Meets All Quality-related Challenges

King David – The Concept that Meets All Quality-related Challenges

The skyscraper era is on the rise in Tbilisi. Proof of this can be seen by the two striking, architecturally distinctive towers that sit atop a hill protruding up into the sky in the center of the city. The King David, which is often looked at as the benchmark in Tbilisi skyscraper design, represents a $70 million USD investment by Austria’s Rezid Holding GMBH. King David brings together high-end residences, an A-class business center, hotel, a five-star restaurant, and a recreational zone, all in one space. The 32-storey complex offers access to numerous premium services, such as a spa, fitness center, swimming pool, open terrace, and an events hall – all of which are on a par with the five-star lifestyle and standards.

The project’s concept, jointly developed by both Georgian and German architects, envisions the construction of a world class, multi-functional residence and business-type complex in the heart of Tbilisi. Unique, breathtaking panoramic views, total comfort, hotel amenities, and quality, are all of what brought King David the international recognition it enjoys today.

While much emphasis was placed on the above amenities, ensuring that the building materials were of the highest quality, and the construction procedures were flawlessly executed, was no less of a priority for King David.

The foundation of the building was methodically checked and inspected by various local and international architects and geologists.

The construction phase of the King David project was performed on the basis of the initial data provided by the company Capitel, including the geological and geo-physical inspections, as well as the seismic risk analysis and rating.

The structure of the King David building is comprised of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame, with rigid nodes, and cores in the center of the building. The building’s special structure has a seismic rating of 8B and is equipped with maximum wind protection.

“The construction work was carried out by a qualified construction company under careful supervision. During each stage of the construction process the construction materials, including the reinforcements and the concrete’s quality, were tested by a qualified research laboratory. Upon the completion of the construction, the holding structure of the building underwent a thorough examination by local and international companies. The results of the examination were satisfactory and therefore, the quality of the construction is on par with all international recognized standards,” says Capitel’s Director Levan Kurtanidze.

According to the chairman of the Union of Architects of Georgia, the King David complex is not just remarkable for its architectural and geological features, but it also adds an original and fascinating touch to the city’s skyline.

“The selection process for the architectural design of the King David has been one of the most efficient international contests so far. The contest was conducted in full observance of all the significant procedural components, including the panel of judges, deadlines, and the review and decision-making rules, which led to the given number of participants and the final outcome. In terms of its location, this building has undoubtedly become an essential spatial-dimensional silhouette of the city. At the same time, resistance and stability, the high-quality of the construction materials, its multi-functionality, and of course the overall visual and panoramic views this building offers, make the King David complex unique and easily distinguishable from other tall buildings in the city,” notes David Abuladze, Chairman of the Union of Architects.

King David Tbilisi, the first condominium-type multi-functional complex, will become fully operational in Summer of this year. 

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