'Metaverse' Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

'Metaverse' Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

2021 is coming to an end soon, and the world has made some ‘adjustments’ after almost 2 years of living in the pandemic. The daily life adjustments for most people, including families, have been about doing almost everything physically at home, while their other-selves conduct many other activities virtually. Living in such a hybrid world has never reached such level in the history of humanity, and we see this as a sign of what we know as the Metaverse, that is, considered as the new era of the internet allowing many to access a 3D share virtual space for various activities within the digital environment.

While the big tech companies are still likely to be the ones who have the strength to create a more massive exodus for the masses to go into the metaverse, the shift will happen faster when a whole ecosystem of companies from big tech to boutique solution tech companies develop products for the Metaverse.

Here are some of the ‘Metaverse’ Tech companies to watch in 2022…


As we have seen several models of Augmented Reality glasses made by different tech hardware companies, we know for certain that Apple’s smart glasses will have better style and design, colors, and easier interface than others. That’s just how Apple does it and they’ve also proven to be the one company that can create so much excitement over tech products to most of the world. If anyone can make AR glasses a household item, that company is Apple. The glasses will need to run alongside a ‘companion gadget’ no other than the iPhone; the device that will help run the AR experience of the user. This is why the AR glasses from Apple definitely won’t be bulky, as most Apple fans will expect.


Another hardware-focused one is Microsoft, which has launched the HoloLens in 2016 and has always any windows of time to perfect it. It’s not quite a lifestyle product, but its mixed reality prowess has made it very useful for real-life tasks. On earth and beyond. In September 2021, the Microsoft HoloLens saw some action aboard the International Space Station on earth’s orbit, as it helped NASA conduct advanced science experiments using AR and VR. This surely proves that AR VR usage is legit and useful, and not just a fancy gadget fad that will soon be replaced.


When we talk about these companies, Facebook is indeed the one very serious in its Metaverse goals, as it recently announced a ‘Creator Fund’ to build experiences (contents) in its platform that is now called the ‘Horizon Worlds’. So aside from acquiring Oculus in 2014, Facebook has always aimed to be a major player in the Metaverse; which would be the equivalent of being a superpower nation in today’s real world. The term ‘Metaverse’ has been buzzing again in 2021 also because Mark Zuckerberg has been talking about it in the media, and that he wants people to see Facebook as a metaverse company, not just as social media.

Magic Leap

Another hardware-focused company to note is Magic Leap with its Magic Leap Two device scheduled to hit the market at the end of 2021 and more will be available in 2022. The new device will be half the size of Magic Leap One and 20% lighter with double the field of view. Along with all these improvements for Magic Leap Two, the new CEO of Magic Leap Peggy Johnson said that they’re also going to focus more on areas such as health-care and military, as opposed to the consumer-focused strategy that they had with Magic Leap One.


While the above-mentioned companies are mainly focusing on hardware, there are some focusing on software such as Niantic, the company that was a spin-out of Google, but it ‘broke the internet’ with its ‘Pokemon Go’ being a global gaming phenomenon. It has also announced a partnership with Nintendo that will together soon launch the game Pikmin which is making quite a buzz. As for playing these immersive games beyond the phone or tab, the good news is that CEO John Hanke last March had tweeted that Niantic is leveraging its platform by using AR glasses

Snap Inc.

Not only gaming but companies like Snap inc, a US-based company has started to popularize its software Snapchat for socializing, by playing around with its cute and fun filters, soon will be leveraging more on their commerce features. Many brands and advertisers are already planning to jump into this new shopping platform where the Gen-Z buyers will be virtually trying on products using the iconic Snapchat filters.

WIR Group

What about other solutions? From different parts of the world, there are companies like WIR, based out of Southeast Asia, bringing Metaverse experiences to the consumers even before the Metaverse itself is fully formed. Set up in 2009 in Indonesia, WIR has become the leading AR-VR solution and execution company in SE Asia, a huge market for tech and gaming. The company has been making sure that their solutions are highly relevant and applicable for today’s users, as a way to start educating the potential of the technology as early as possible, completing various mixed reality projects in more than 20 countries including O2O (Online to Offline) platforms for the masses.

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