Philip Morris Georgia has been recognized as Top Employer for 3rd Consecutive Year

Philip Morris Georgia has been recognized as Top Employer for 3rd Consecutive Year

Philip Morris Georgia was named as a Top Employer for the 3rd consecutive year, in recognition of the company’s excellence in people practices and ability to meet the needs of a modern workforce. The Top Employer certification is the result of an independent assessment by the Top Employers Institute, which has recognized Philip Morris Georgia’s parent company, Philip Morris International (PMI), as a Global Top Employer for the fifth year in a row.

“The recognition of Philip Morris Georgia as Top Employer for the 3rd consecutive year is a strong endorsement of the high-quality working environment at Philip Morris Georgia. “- said Yuriy Gordok, General Manager Caucasus & Moldova for Philip Morris International. “We continue to strive for excellence in ensuring Philip Morris Georgia is a great place to work and constantly challenge ourselves to provide a unique work environment and experience for our people.”

As part of the certification process, PMI was required to demonstrate to independent human resources (HR) auditors that it excelled in six HR dimensions by answering 400 questions backed up with evidence.

These dimensions included:

  • Steer: Business strategy, people strategy, and leadership
  • Shape: Organization and change, digital HR, and work environment
  • Attract: Employer branding, talent acquisition, and onboarding
  • Develop: Performance, career, and learning
  • Engage: Well-being, engagement, rewards and recognition, and “offboarding”
  • Unite: Values, ethics and integrity, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability

Top Employer certification

The Top Employer certification is awarded by the Top Employer Institute following a robust assessment, validated by the auditing company Grant Thornton, of the companies’ practices in a number of areas, including compensation and employee benefits, career development, working conditions, and training and development.

Read more at: Top Employers Institute – Certifying HR excellence (


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