Tegeta Motors successfully updated IT infrastructure using Cisco technologies

Tegeta Motors successfully updated IT infrastructure using Cisco technologies

In the modern world, if a company desires to grow and develop, it is practically impossible to do so with the absence of fitting technology. Although, technology in and of itself becomes obsolete if it is not operational and renovated periodically. Every successful company worldwide bears this in mind. In this aspect, the leading auto business company – Tegeta Motors – fares well when compared to global corporations and holdings. The company successfully implemented the remodeling of its data center. The transition process was aided with Cisco’s technologies and GT Group’s qualified team. Cisco is an international technology giant operating dozens of years in the whole world and GT Group is a Georgian IT company that is known by its successful projects.

Due to the cooperation, Tegeta processes a safe, efficient, and better-functioning transaction chain. The company has created a completely novel IT infrastructure, including a corporate chain and an additional new data center. The company now owns two data centers that have produced a better functioning system.  

“While Tegeta Motors is one of the fastest-growing company, it became essential to duplicate IT service and increase capacity. As a result, there was built a new additional data center. In the frame of this project redesign of the abovementioned center was implemented. And now, if in one of the data center there will be some delay, the second data center will immediately start functioning that ensures nonstop working of the system. Now we have a 30% load rate on the network that means that it is not overloaded and is safer than before”, – stated Zurab Dzagania, director of business development at Tegeta Motors.

Tegeta Motors began working on the network redesign at the beginning of 2019 and announced the contest. The victorious of which became GT Group, the company with extensive experience. GT Group with the aid of modernized technology, including Cisco’s equipment, was able to re-organize Tegeta’s whole network. The redesign of IT infrastructure ended in August of the previous year. The American tech giant, Cisco, equips the largest companies worldwide for decades now. In the process of redesigning ELCORE GEORGIA had a huge role as well, that provided consulting and on-time delivering of CISCO’s cutting edge technologies.

 “This project was an interesting challenge for us, as it combined complex, full range solutions. Although, I think that, in partnership with GT Group and thanks to our professional team, we have succeeded. I would like to express my gratitude to Tegeta Motors for installing CISCO’s up-to-date hardware and technologies and for choosing us as their suppliers. I also want to thank CISCO for helping us to accomplish this project successfully. Our offers of services to partner companies help them to become more efficient in their daily business and increase profits”, – says Zurab Chumbadze, ELCORE GEORGIA’s General Director.

At Tegeta Motors, which has been operating on the market for 25 years now, they believe that the company cannot move forward without a dependable corporate IT structure, considering the sheer size of the operation. For Tegeta Motors holding insuring IT service and infrastructure safety is a priority. The large enterprise has 250,000 retail consumers, 10,000 corporate clients, and 2,000 wholesale buyers in Georgia and the Caucasus region.   

“Tegeta Motors’ current network guarantees maximum security from cyberattacks. The implementation of the aforementioned technology served exactly that purpose. Because of Tegeta’s size, certain parties are interested in undermining its security,” – proclaims Jaba Shelia, CEO and founder of GT Group, and cites three cyber-attack instances that took place last year. Shelia says that Cisco’s equipment played a huge role in resolving these incidents without further complication, according to him Cisco technologies guaranteed the safety of IT infrastructure.

 It is worthwhile to note that a new and fully operational network allows Tegeta Motors to serve its customers faster and easier. Throughout the country, the company unites 26 branches and has service centers in South Caucasus.  Tegeta Motors serves up to 1500 vehicles daily.  

 “This redesign project gave us an opportunity to enlarge and increase its traffic capacity. Specifically, the company can double throughput without any additional expenses,” – explains Zurab Dzagania to Forbes.

As they explain at Tegeta Motors, the success of the project is, also, determined by the potential load rate of the system. Particularly, if the old system used 80-90% of its capabilities, the new system only operates at a 30-40% load rate on the network.

 Per the executive officer of GT Group, Jaba Shelia, Tegeta Motors would be in no need to update and change the Cisco equipment in the following 5 years, even if, the company were to increase its load.

Currently, Tegeta Motors, the largest auto business holding on the market, has 9 daughter companies and up to 2,000 employees. Its portfolio contains more than 300 global brands and up to 50,000 products. Specifically, Tegeta is an official partner of such global brands as: Porsche, Mazda, Toyota, JCB, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc. And everything began with the small store selling spare parts in 1995. The constant growth is predicated upon its development and improvement. Running such a business like clockwork requires modernized IT infrastructure, well-understood by its executives. Exactly due to this, Tegeta Motors currently operates with a safe, functional, and up-to-date network powered by Cisco’s modern equipment.  

Note: Cisco is an international leader company in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions. It helps companies of all sizes in transforming IT products and services in terms of networking, security, collaboration, data center, and the Internet of Things. It is operating in dozens of countries and in Georgia as well. It successfully collaborates with Georgian IT Company GT Group.

As for GT Group, it was founded in 2015, but its client list already includes over 100 successful and advanced companies in different fields. One of the top priorities of the founders of “GT Group” is the implementation of international standards and continuous development.

ELCORE is the international IT Distribution Company, which is successfully involved in IT distribution in European and Central Asian states since 1996. ELCORE’s official representation in Georgia is well operating since 2009. It is more than 10 years, that its team has been providing products of highest quality, efficient services and technical support to its clients locally and internationally.

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