15 Years of Keeping Pace with Evolving Technologies

15 Years of Keeping Pace with Evolving Technologies

GT Group is a system integrator with 15 years of experience in the field of information and communication technologies. Currently, it is the partner and supplier of over 20 of the largest IT technology companies in Georgia.

The aim of the company was to provide active support in the IT space and aid in the development of the sector in Georgia, which it has success fully done through the provision of high-tech, high quality and flexible information communication solutions. GT Group offers users project planning, supplying and support; both during and after the guarantee period. The company’s products, solutions, and services are diverse and they can solve all kinds of tasks in the field of IT infrastructure using the latest technologies and methodologies.

“We knew exactly what was lacking in the market and what was needed for its development. Based on this, we have created a company with a new vision, one that an IT integrator should have. Even though our sector is quite saturated in terms of the number of companies, our experience and observations clearly showed us the specific details that were not present or were improperly provided in the market.

The company managed to reach our initial goal; however, it is not yet the result desired. The past few years have shown us new opportunities where we need to be innovators, and I am sure, together with our team, we are able to create even higher standards, ones that a global IT integrator should have.” says Jaba Shelia, General Director of GT Group.

Perfect IT solutions are available for both large and medium businesses, as well as for government organizations. Now more than 100 developed companies are listed as their customers.

All representatives of the business sector are aware that a big role in the success of any business is played by its employees. GT Group’s team is outstanding and highly qualified. They are constantly taking part in training activities with partner organizations and are continuously increasing their qualifications. A high level of professionalism and willingness to overcome difficult challenges are what makes GT Group’steam outstanding.

Apart from its team, the GT Group stands out with their varied product offering and high-quality service, especially when compared to many other analogue companies. An important part of its service is consultations, recommendations, audits and assessments of professional teams. This approach helps customers to properly plan and develop dynamic IT infrastructure. This then relieves customers from facing all the IT obstacles that they would otherwise encounter.

The successful projects of the company include the projects with TBC Bank, the Ministry of Health, Public Service Development Agency, JSC Georgian Railway, Crystalbet, Tegeta Motors, the Ministry of Defense and many other projects.

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