European Education In Georgia

European Education In Georgia

The 23 national flags hung in the halls represent the multicultural nature of this learning institution; a place where students from various ethnic and religious backgrounds study together harmoniously, taking advantage of a plethora of first-class, state-of-the-art learning facilities the school offers its students.

Over the past 10 years, the European School has enjoyed a rich history of growth and development. Founded in 2007, the school initially offered instruction from preschool to ninth grade. The original purpose in establishing the European School was to provide Georgian children access to high-quality primary and secondary education with a strong foundation in English. This would give them the chance to succeed both at universities in Georgia and abroad, depending on the educational goals their parents had laid out for their children.

The European School quickly became a popular choice for families within the Georgian community. It proved to be an extremely successful school and has since experienced rapid growth across its first years. As a result of that success, the founders of the school decided to offer international programs to its students and parents.

In 2009, the European School received authorization to launch its International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP), which spanned grade levels 11-12 and became an international IB World School. Later, the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) was introduced, allowing children earlier access to obtaining an international education. In 2012, the school received its IB MYP authorization followed by the PYP authorization in 2016. Students began to transition into IB programmes rather than seek transfers into other international schools. The European School is currently authorized to offer all three IB programs.

As an international institution, the European School has become a school where Georgian and foreign students are able to learn in a mutually supportive environment. The school’s main objective is to help its students become internationally-minded global citizens.

With its modern infrastructure and facilities, up-to-date digital infrastructure and network, scientific labs and robotics classes, the European School is today proud to be considered one of the best educational institutions both in the country and the region.

The European School offers chemistry and physics laboratories, offices of science and biology, a multimedia language lab, SMART kids laboratory, Lego education, computer laboratories, robotics laboratories and a MAC laboratory. The European School first opened its doors in 2007 to 311 students spanning grades 1 to9. Today, the school has an enrollment of over 800 students comprising 23 different nationalities. This kind of rich, multicultural exposure complements the high level of education offered at the school.

“These past years have been precious to each and every European- schooler, a term we use to refer to the students (past and present) of the European School, their parents, teachers, and everyone who is passionate about the European School,” notes the European School’s Academic Director Sophio Bazadze.

“These past ten years reflect self-assertion, exploration, and of course, success. Not only has the European School obtained a dignified place in Georgia, but also within the international education community. The enrollment rates of European School alumni at national and international higher education institutions demonstrate the European School’s reputability and indicate the school’s commitment to excellence over the past ten years,” Bazadze notes.

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