Flysms: The World’s Only Innovative Service That Sends Flight-Related Text Notifications

Flysms: The World’s Only Innovative Service That Sends Flight-Related Text Notifications

The success of heavy aircraft at the beginning of the 20th century laid the foundation for the rapid development of the aviation industry, as well as other related services. Flysms, a company that offers its customers the world’s first innovative flight-related text notification services and the most sophisticated data on commercial flights Worldwide, powered by Artificial Intelligence is a clear example of this.

Flysms was founded in 2016 by a team of professionals with extensive experience working in the telecommunications and data analysis sphere. Flysms processes data from approximately 100 sources daily and sends its customers real-time flight data, it has developed a sophisticated flight tracking system which benefits from multi-source data aggregation. And now FlySMS is capable of providing flight status information via API as well as API push services.

“We see huge potential and capabilities in this service,” notes Ruslan Shayekin, Chairman of the Flysms Board of Directors. “Flysms is viewed as a unique, large-scale project in the aviation sphere. It has no rival on the market, since this is a very specific market and is already monopolized by major market players.” Flysms is the major project implemented by Shayekin, who has enjoyed a business career spanning 25 years, Roman Hlynovskiy who has been working in Telecommunication’s industry for over a decade and Almas Toleubay a professional who has previously worked in Asian data and analytics company.

Ruslan is a serial entrepreneur and his first project in IT was a virtual reality project presented in San Francisco in 2015 and remains very successful today. His second project is still in the development process, but a pilot will be launched over the next two months. Shayekin notes that he created a game –specifically a space strategy game – and its main character is famous boxer Roy Levesta Jones Jr.

“We signed a contract with Roy Jones. Initially, we wanted to work with Jean-Claude Van Damme, but that didn’t work out,” he explains. Shayekin, who is originally from Kazakhstan, also has experience doing business in the construction and IT industries.

As for Flysms, the company receives data from over a thousand commercial flights and over 4,000 airports that process about 98% of all commercial flights and send arrival notifications to passenger’s friends and family. It is possible to receive these notifications not only via SMS, but on the social media app Viber. Approximately 900 million registered users of Viber receive notifications of successfully completed flights. Viber, a Tel-Aviv based company founded by Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik, works on five platforms – Android, Ios, Windows, Mac and Linux. The Kazakh businessman is currently negotiating with WhatsApp as well.

Flysms offers customers their services upon the purchase of airline tickets. Their services are very simple: just find the flight your need, add a notification for the data you desire and enjoy your flight.

“You are not limited in the content of your notification. It is possible to enjoy the full capabilities of the service no matter how complicated the flight route may be. There are no language barriers and you can freely send two or more rapid notifications when flying to any destination around the world. We provide a 100% guarantee that you will receive the SMS notification,” Shayekin says.

These types of complementary services are rare. But the question is, why aren’t more airline companies and airports interested in developing these types of services?

Where is the problem?

“The problem is hidden in the flexibility of the business. Our industry is very specific. Companies with big turnover do not pay attention to services like these. They are only focused on their primary goals and complimentary services do not fall into their scope of interests,” notes Shayekin.

Flysms has only been in business for a year, but has already achieved colossal success.

“We owe this success to the fact that we work as one big team and are fully dedicated to the work we put into this. Everyone can see the potential of this project. However, a lot depends on our communication with our partners. In some cases, the negotiations take a long time, and in other cases we reach agreements very quickly. Our primary advantage is that we put maximum effort into this and that is why the cash flow is increasing with geometric progression,” Shayekin says.

One of the Flysms’ partner’s and its General Director, Sergey Bogachev states “ Cooperation with the FlySMS project not only meets the main goals of the project, but also allows to supplement the service level with another important service that allows customers to automatically inform their relatives and friends about the successful completion of each flight. The integration of the FlySMS solution into the system was easy and fast thanks to the excellent support from the development team of the service. I’m happy to be able to recommend FlySMS as a reliable, highly technological partner, which provides a completely new and unique service. “

The project was launched in 2011 and offers its customers the opportunity to independently book and buy air tickets to any place in the world, as well as to purchase related services. Since its launch, the aim of the project was to provide users with the maximum range of travel services, so it is also possible to buy railway tickets, book a hotel, rent a car or buy a bus ticket on the website. customers receive round the clock support in online chat on the website, social networks, by email and phone.

The Flysms project is also in its completion stage and the company is holding negotiations with major market players like Turkish Airlines, Air Asia and over 30 companies, either integrated or in the midst of integration on four continents.

Flysms intellectual property is protected on the territory of many of the world’s largest countries. These rights are protected under the jurisdiction of the United States, European Union, China, Russia, Turkey and Malaysia.

For those interested in accessing the services Flysms provides, you can visit their website at the following URL:

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