How much revenue does CARREFOUR have in Georgia?

How much revenue does CARREFOUR have in Georgia?
Chain of Hypermarket Carrefour is one of the largest companies in the Georgian trade sector. According to the 2019 audit report, the company’s sales are 20 million GEL up and reached 473.7 million GEL. According to the company, the chain had 19 million customers in 2019.
According to the audited financial report, the company had growing revenue in 2019, but due to increased expenditures, the company ended last year with a loss of 32.5 million GEL.
However, 2018 was unprofitable for the company, and the revenue amounted to 27 million GEL.
The company’s main expenditure is the prime cost of the sold products, for which Carrefour spent 381.2 million GEL in 2019.
Carrefour’s operating expenses were 87.8 million GEL in 2017, the company spent 33.6 million GEL on the staff, the rental cost had made up – 7.4 million GEL, depreciation and amortization losses were 13 million GEL, maintenance of the center was 6.6 million GEL, utility expenditures – 4.8 million GEL, advertising expenditures – 2.5 million GEL.
Carrefour has 19 branches throughout the country and employees more than 2.3 thousand persons:
• Tbilisi – 2 hypermarkets;
• Tbilisi – 9 supermarkets:
• Tbilisi – 5 small supermarkets;
• Batumi – 2 supermarkets;
• Rustavi – 1 small supermarket.
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