King David: A New Standard of Living in Georgia

King David: A New Standard of Living in Georgia

Two related yet independent towers skillfully merge multiple spaces. While the alignment of towers is a spectacle in its own right, the thing that instantly captivates you upon entering the building is the view. The most valuable advantage of this multifunctional complex is its panoramic view of the entire city-scape from every floor of both buildings. The concept of the project, which gives one the impression of living in a small multifunctional city, is very innovative in today’s Georgia. Infrastructure comprises 40% of the total area at the King David complex, which includes two 31-story and 19-story towers.

The first six floors of the towers are shared. The high tower will accommodate the King David Residence, which offers a variety of residential apartments. A restaurant 31 floors up will offer guests captivating views of Tbilisi and its surroundings. King David Business Center will be located inside the second 19-story tower. This will be an A-class business center that will feature what are called ‘apart-hotels’ on several floors of the building. The first six floors of the King David complex will combine several zones that are designated for both adults and children. The first two floors will serve as parking zones, the third and fourth floors will be entirely designated for relaxation and fitness amenities, such as a swimming pool, beauty shop, spa, fitness center, an event hall, and a kid’s zone. A 1,400 square meter garden will be arranged alongside the pool’s open terrace. Both buildings will have a total of five restaurants, including a healthy meals café on the pool terrace.

This complex is unique for many reasons, and one of them is the lobby, which is designated specially for the residents of the building, so they can host guests or simply spend time in the bar that adjoins the lobby. There will be a separate lobby for the business center. An additional innovation that the complex will offer its residents is a child development center, which is an internationally approved concept.

One of the most important advantages of the complex is its high-quality construction, as well as its fire security system. In addition, the foundation of the complex was methodically inspected by Georgian and international experts several times. The last inspection of complex was carried out in October 2015 and received a seismic rating of 9B.

Another interesting feature of the complex is that it boasts an additional source of power. In the event of a power outage in the city, both towers will have uninterrupted power supply. The complex will also have a water reservoir in the case of a water supply disruption. It should also be noted that the project meets one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century – the complex is exceptionally energy-efficient. The façade is composed of triplex glass-packets of Guardian glass, produced by the famed American company ‘Guardian’. The glass-packets are ideal all-year-round for preserving heat and cold.

In the beginning of the New Year approaching, we have a special offer for our customers. The prices for 1 sq. meter of the residential apartments will range from $1,350 to $3,000 depending on the view. This multi-functional complex, which is still under construction, was recently nominated as the best multi-functional complex at the International Property Awards Georgia 2016-2017. King David is a hotel-type complex that provides the best panoramic views of Tbilisi and a diverse set of services and amenities that offer residents a lifestyle that is comfortable, healthy and fulfilling. Residents of the complex can work, entertain and relax without leaving the building. A bellboy, concierge, cleaning service and security personnel are only a few of the amenities that the residents of this luxury complex will enjoy. An investment of $70 million was spent on the construction of the complex. Located in the heart of Tbilisi, the King David is the first condominium-style multifunctional complex of its kind in Georgia. The King David expects to open its doors in July of 2017.


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