Symmetric Harmony Inside and Outside

Symmetric Harmony Inside and Outside

A residential settlement tailored to people’s needs and demands is being built in the Okrokana district. The project, which will cover an area of 20,000m2 near Mtatsminda Park, is being carried out by the development company Simetria. The 39 apartments and 31 town houses will collectively be known as Simetria Park. The location is a mere eight-minute drive from the heart of Tbilisi, close to a recreational zone, which makes this project truly special.

The layout of roads and footpaths connects the settlement to Mtatsminda Park, the Tbilisi Funicular and the botanical garden of Tbilisi. The Simetria Park concept of ‘harmony inside and outside’ is based on the idea of creating an enclosed residential area that is tailored to modern urban requirements. It attaches equal importance to the symmetry of internal and external spaces, as well as the concept of human interaction and socialisation.

Ultimately, Simetria Park satisfies all the criteria for providing people with an ideal modern residential environment. “Our aim was to identify the problems facing our city, relay them to the architects and find solutions to these problems based on experience from various cities across the world. These are not holiday cottages. This is an urban settlement where the social environment and services created for the residents are very important,” states the executive director of Simetria Tariel Gabunia. The company plans to invest H40 million in the Simetria Park project.

The first construction phase of the residential area is almost finished, with the second phase due to begin soon, and the project due to be completed by the end of 2021. Residents at Simetria Park will have all the necessary infrastructure and services available to them to ensure a secure and pleasant living environment. These include fitness and spa facilities, personal gardening services, a multifunctional children’s playground and square, cycling lanes and footpaths, as well as common recreational, commercial and working spaces. The settlement will be completely adapted to the needs of people of any age and profile.

“When designing the project, our focus was primarily on the needs of the modern person who has a busy and stressful lifestyle. To relieve this stress, they need a home where the environment allows them to recharge their energy and start the next day positively,” explains Tariel Gabunia. Services available to residents at Simetria Park will include 24-hour security, CCTV, cleaning of common areas and concierge services. It is also important to be aware of the standards that will be implemented in Simetria Park. The project combines all the elements that are necessary to create a comfortable 21stcentury environment, including energy-efficient solutions. “It is important to mention our use of solar power. Apart from saving energy, we are also emphasising our values by protecting nature and switching to an energy source that reduces the damage to our environment,” states the executive director of Simetria.

The main advantage of Simetria Park is that each detail has been taken into consideration in order to create a balanced living environment. It could be said that Simetria Park is foremost of all an idea and a way of life. The project is based on research and environmental analysis. The company’s green project has taken numerous important factors into account, such as the need for allergy-friendly plants to ensure that people feel more comfortable in the green spaces. The project designers have also thought about the distribution of trees in the courtyards to create an even cosier environment for the residents.

The project’s managers state that the settlement will be great for all seasons, although the green spaces are designed to ensure that spring arrives for the residents as early as possible and that the summer shines in bright colours. Numerous professionals have worked tirelessly to create such a harmonious environment, while architecture has been provided by DMARK. No one doubts that Simetria Park will be a success story. People’s needs have been considered so thoroughly and each detail has been processed in such a way that it is unimaginable for this place not to offer city residents the perfect opportunity to escape urban stress. This is not the first project that has been successfully implemented by Simetria. The development company operates in the three main fields of apartment construction, hotel development and shopping centres. The company has completed and has ongoing projects in all three fields. Simetria is carrying out a regional hotel network development project called 12 Hotels in 12 Regions.

The project includes Best Western Kutaisi, which opened in 2017 and is the first global hotel brand in the city. The 116-room, four-star Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Bakuriani is due to begin operating in 2022. Simetria’s fourth hotel project will be the Holiday Inn Express in Old Tbilisi. The company has announced that over the next few years it will be involved in the construction of hotels in each of the country’s active tourist regions. One of Simetria’s most ambitious projects is the development of the Shovi resort.

The company aims to transform Shovi into a year-round health resort and has commissioned the Austrian landscape planning agency Freiland to design the concept. Aside from the 140-room hotel, the project will include 30 premium-class cottages. Upon completion, the complex will be able to simultaneously host and offer high-quality services to 1,400 holidaymakers. It will create more than 200 permanent jobs and stimulate economic development in the Zemo Racha region. The overall goal is to establish Shovi as an attractive tourist centre for high-spending visitors. Simetria implements its projects in accordance with people’s needs. When choosing the locations for the construction of apartments, the company takes the wishes of its clients into account.

Simetria offers suitable locations both to those who prefer to live in the city centre, as well as those who seek to find a harmonious and balanced environment without leaving the city. A perfect example of the latter is Simetria Park.


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