Visa in partnership with Forbes Georgia Launches Joint Business Campaign on Innovation Ecosystem in Georgia

Visa in partnership with Forbes Georgia Launches Joint Business Campaign on Innovation Ecosystem in Georgia

Visa, the world leader in digital payments, along with Forbes Georgia, will be launching an innovative business project starting on October 11, 2021.

The project aims to raise awareness in the society on the growing innovation culture and potential of Georgia, current trends, and modern business models of digital payments in the format an open discussion  in the frame of the campaign, team of Forbes Georgia,  along with Visa experts, representatives of Georgian banks, small and medium-sized businesses, fintech companies, startups,  will raise a discussion on innovations in the format of  8 episodes of podcasts. Each episode will be published on every Monday, during upcoming eight weeks.

„The way we see the development of the digital payments and the way we have been approaching them in Georgia, in particular, is via innovations. This is my firm belief that Georgia has great innovative potential – it’s not accidental that Georgia is among top countries in the world in terms of contactless penetration. And we see even higher potential to further bring innovations to our beautiful country. We’re excited to team with Forbes Georgia to create a platform for the innovative talks, see our current state, celebrate our achievements,  and discuss the opportunities for the whole industry to unlock the potential of developing innovations in the region. The audience will be hearing from Visa experts as well as industry players who will be sharing their practical experience with payment innovations. Looking forward to the launch.“ – Diana Kiguradze, Visa Country Manager for the Caucasus Region.

„We are pleased to present a series of podcasts in partnership with the world leader in digital payments, in which the Forbes Georgia team hosts both local and international financial institutions, startups and their supporters. The presented episodes clearly show the perspective of digital innovations based around the Georgian companies. At the same time, together with the guests, we analyze the global trends and challenges, the perspectives of digital innovations for the Georgian market. I think the listeners will gain valuable experience and new knowledge from each episode.“ – Giorgi Isakadze, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Georgia.

The campaign will be officially launched, and the first episode of podcasts will be published on October 11 with Diana Kiguradze, Visa Country Manager for the Caucasus Region  along with Forbes Georgia Editor-in-Chief Giorgi Isakadze. Visa CM in the Caucasus region will focus on the topic, namely – Business growth through launching innovative payment technologies and new partnerships in Georgia.

Agenda of  the upcoming episodes include the following guest speakers and topics:

  • Kakha Gelashvili, PayZe | Yevgen Lisnyak, Visa – The Age of Fintech Technologies;
  • Giorgi Kapanadze, Space NEOBANK- Innovative Digital Banking;
  • Dachi Choladze, Pulsar AI – Attracting Investments;
  • Levan Gomshiashvili, Bank of Georgia – Supporting Startups | 500 Georgia;
  • Oleksand Stelmach, Visa – Emerging Digital Innovations;
  • Papuna Lezhava, National Bank of Georgia – Development of Digital GEL;
  • Nino Dvalidze, My Nanny | Anano Dolaberidze, Phubber – Entrepreneurship for Social Change.

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