Adjara Group Opens A New Stamba Hotel In Tbilisi

Adjara Group Opens A New Stamba Hotel In Tbilisi

On the 1st of May a new hotel will be opened in the center of Tbilisi. After 6 years of successful functioning of Rooms Hotel, Adjara Group Company introduces one more Georgian brand Stamba Hotel.

The hotel is situate in Kistava Street, in the building of old soviet publishing house. At the beginning, visitors will be able to use 40 high standard (52m2) rooms and 2 suites (79m2). Once the construction is completed, the hotel will have 150 rooms.

The hotel also has Café Stamba, which will serve Georgian and European dishes made of agricultural products, produced by Georgian farmers. Stamba Hotel will also offer its visitors a Chocolaterie and Roastery, with locally roasted coffee and handmade chocolate.

In the hotel there is also casino Aviator.

In Adjara Group we were told that the five-floor atrium type concrete lobby, Jungle Lobby, is full of unique plants. On the top of this space there is a swimming-pool with transparent bottom.

The building, renovated by architects of Adjara Group’s Adjara Arch Group, retains its original historical appearance. Similarly to the original façade, old printing machines, discovered during the renovation process, have also been retained.

Stamba Hotel, with its distinguished interior, became a member of Design Hotels.

Adjara Group is one of the largest and fast-growing companies in the hotel industry.

In 2010, the company brought international hotel chain Holiday Inn to the Georgian market.

“Adjara Group is the leader of development of innovative trends, implementation of entrepreneurship projects and introduction of new esthetic standards. That is why it is internationally recognized by establishment of such Georgian brands as Rooms Hotels in Tbilisi and Kazbegi, high class Stamba Hotel and trendy Fabrika Hostel. All restaurants of Adjara Group have distinguished cuisines, which is due to the culinary talents and experience of Georgian and foreign professionals and the quality of local natural products used.

Thanks to the innovative projects, Adjara Group has significantly contributed to urban development of the regions as well as the capital. This in its turn facilitates tourism development and popularization of Georgia in the world,” – state the representatives of the company.

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