Asset ownership and gender inequality in Georgia

Asset ownership and gender inequality in Georgia

In Georgia, there are more men owning assets than women and the difference is for almost every type of assets. According to the survey conducted by GeoStat, in 46.3% of cases, men have documenter ownership of dwelling, while in case of women, this rate is 33.4%. Reported men owners of dwellings make 80.4% and women owners – 75.9%. Agricultural land documented ownership of men makes 30.6%, while in case of women, this rate is 12.6%. As to reported ownership of agricultural land, men owners make 47.7% and women – 34.1%.

Among all assets, financial assets the lowest ownership rate, which is conditioned by the fact that the respondents were not eager to talk about financial assets. Only 2% of the adult population reported ownership of financial assets. Non-agricultural facility ownership rate of men made 10% and of women – 6%.

The main source of receiving assets by men and women is buying.

In case of acquiring assets in the form of bequeathing or present, the prevalence of men is revealed. This prevalence is particularly significant for dwellings acquired through bequeath of the present, where the share of men is twice as much compared to women. This may partially be explained by the traditional perception that man is privileged in terms of inheriting, namely, 46.1% of men have inherited dwellings, while in case of women this rate is 17%. On the other hand, over 20% of women own real property through marriage (dwelling, agricultural land, and other real property), while for men this rate is only 3%.

Majority of reported owners are presently employed. Almost half of the women owners are not involved in economic activities. According to the level of education, the majority of the owners of dwelling and agricultural land have obtained a secondary education, while the majority of the owners of other real property have the background of higher and post-higher education. According to education level, no significant inequality between men and women was revealed. The age of the majority of reported owners of real property is 30-49 or 60 and more.

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