Bank of Georgia introduced a special product - Tourist Card

Bank of Georgia introduced a special product - Tourist Card

Bank of Georgia has introduced a special product – Tourist Card to create more comfort for tourists in the market. 

Tourist Card is a multi-purpose Visa type card of Bank of Georgia which enables any tourists arriving in Georgia pay by card in public transport: subway, buses, mini-buses and sidewalks. 

Tourist card can be used everywhere with POS terminals of partner banks. Tourists, visiting Georgia can get a lot of benefits and discounts while using Tourist Card. Among them: Magti’s SIM card and 1000MB of Internet connection will be received as a gift. In addition, discounts will be used in merchandise, entertainment, cafe-bars and restaurants, museums and souvenir shops, tourist companies and hotels. The price of Tourist Card is – 10 GEL. 

Tourist Card can be taken very easily, at any Express Service Center of Bank of Georgia and available in various merchants without needing an ID card. 

Tourist will be able to put sum of 50-1000 Gel on a tourist card, use Express bank pay box and POS terminals of partner banks in order to put money on card in GEL. Also, put money in US Dollars and Euros by the use of Express bank pay boxes. Tourist should keep in mind that money put in foreign currency will automatically be converted into GEL (Georgian Lari). The sum will be put on the card one time only right after purchasing it. Tourist won’t be able to put money again.

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