Billionaire politicians of the world

Billionaire politicians of the world

In the 2017 Forbes rating of the richest people of the world, 10 were from Saudi Arabia. This year, none of them is on the list anymore. Due to the corruption scandal, the magazine was not able to calculate the wealth of representatives of the high-rank politicians’ and Royal families. Saudi Arabia is not the only country, the wealth of the leaders of which cannot be calculated by Forbes. Calculation of wealth is usually difficult in less democratic countries.

However, this year, the Magazine calculated the wealth of the USA President Donald Trump. 72-year-old Trump holds a 766th position in the Forbes list of the richest people – presently, Trump’s bet worth is 3.1 bln USD. Trump is the only billionaire president in the history of the USA.

The leader among the richest politicians of the world is Michael Bloomberg. The net worth of the former mayor of New York, calculated by Forbes, is 52.2 bln USD and he ranks 11th among the richest people of the world.

The family of the former prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, possesses several billion. For the first time, he became the prime minister in 1994. The net worth of him and his family, calculated by Forbes, makes 6.9 bln USD. He holds a 190th position in the list of the richest people of the world. 

Mikhail Prokhorov has 9.2 bln USD/ the owner of The Brooklyn Net is number 158 in Forbes rating of the richest people of the world. He first appeared on the political stage in 2011 and in 2012, he campaigned for the presidency of Russia, however, he collected only 7,9% of votes.

Chinese Zong Qinghou, the founder of Hangzhou Wahaha – the leading Chinese company, producing drinks, possesses 9.1 bln USD. His political past is related to the Chinese National Congress, delegate of which he has been since 2002.

According to Forbes’ calculation, the net worth of Samitri Jindal and her family is 7,5 bln USD. Her husband was the founder of the largest Indian company Jindal Group. In 2005, after the death of her husband, Savitri headed the family business. She held a minister’s position in the Haryana State, India, until 2014, when she lost the elections.

Former prime minister of Georgia and presently the leader of the party, Bidzina Ivanishvili, is the holder of 4.7 bln USD. He is number 456 on the Forbes List.

The net worth of British Michael Ashcroft is 1.7 bln USD. He has been a supporter of the Conservative Party for a while and was the Deputy Chairperson of the party for years. He left the Parliament in 2015.

Sebastian Pinera and his family possess 2.8 bln USD. In the Forbes Rating, the family of the former president of Chile, rank 859th. He first became the president of the country in 2010 and held the position until 2014. The last period of the presidency was unsuccessful – Pinera elected in December 2017, left the position in March 2018.

Another Russian politician, Suleiman Kerimov, is the owner of 5.7 bln USD. He used a member of the State Council of Russian Federation. He is number 265 billionaire of the list.

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