Companies earning billions selling weapons

Companies earning billions selling weapons

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the biggest income in the world from selling military weapon is generated by an American company Lockheed Martin. Namely, the company earns 40,8 bln USD annually from this business.

Lockheed Martin is followed by Boeing Company. The largest aircraft manufacturer in the world earns 29,5 bln USD annually from selling weapons, however, this activity generated only 31% of the total income of the company.

The third position is held by another American company Raytheon, which earned annually 22,9 bln USD by selling military weapons. Forth position is held by a French company Airbus, earning 12,5 bln USD selling weapons.

It is notable that among 20 companies, earning the most by selling weapons, 13 are American and together they earn 178,5 bln USD by selling military equipment.

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