Forbes Georgia Starts Annual Awarding

Forbes Georgia Starts Annual Awarding

Forbes Woman, Forbes Property, Forbes Entrepreneur, Forbes Startup and Forbes Social Impact – Forebs Georgia introduce a new annual award.

Alongside with celebration of publication of the 100th anniversary issue, Georgian edition of the world’s leading business publication named the first nominees of the award.

Forbes Woman 2017’s award was given to Keti Bochorishvili, Director General of Anaklia City.

Alliance Group won Forbes Property’s nomination

Forbes Startup 2017 award was given to the Wifisher company. The Treepex company received the year’s Forbes Social Impact award and Temur Ugulava was named as the winner of Forbes Entrepreneur award.

In 2017, Forbes celebrates its 100th anniversary. The magazine is being published in 20 languages in more than 50 countries. The world’s leading business publication was introduced in Georgia in 2011. Forbes Georgia is a monthly licensed publication of Forbes-Media N.Y. the magazine is being published by JSC Media Partners based on Forbes Media LLC NY license agreement.

The Georgian publication sticks to the 100-year tradition of the media brand and acts as the most influential arbiter of Georgian business. 

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