Free Trade Agreement with China will come into force in January

Free Trade Agreement with China will come into force in January

As from 1 January 2018, the Free Trade Agreement concluded between Georgia and China will come into force.

As a result, 94% of Georgian products will be exempted from customs tax; moreover, 1,4 bln market will be open for Georgian product and services. Among export products there will be wine, hazelnuts, honey, mineral water, beer, soft drinks, confitures, juices, vegetables, fruits, chocolate, tea, fish and other sea food, cereals, health products, cables, plastic goods, nitrogen and mineral fertilizers, ferro silico manganese, locomotives, etc.

China is one of the biggest trade partners of Georgia. Wine export increases significantly (in January-April, 2017 it increased by 270% compared to the last year).

Over the period between January and April 2017, 4 541 visitors came to Georgia from China, which is 32% more than within the same period of last year.

Georgia is the first country in the region to conclude Free Trade Agreement with China. Georgia has already concluded free trade agreements with EU, Turkey, CSI countries and European Free Trade Association. 

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