Geography of Georgian business

Geography of Georgian business

In the first quarter of the year, 13 225 new business entities were registered. Biggest number – 4930 – was registered in March, 97.6% of which are profit oriented entities (individual entrepreneur, joint and several entities, limited companies, joint stock companies, commandite companies, cooperatives, branches of foreign profit-oriented legal entities), and 2,4% are social businesses (non-profit legal entities, branches of foreign non-profit legal entities, legal entities of public law).

According to the National Agency of Public Registry, in March growth was registered compared to the previous month (12.3%) and reduction compared to the same month of last year (2.8%).

Majority of the business entities were registered in the form of individual entrepreneur (2 415 entities, which is 49% of the registered business entities) and limited companies (2 345 entities, which is 47.6% of total businesses registered). It seems that 96.6% of business entities prefers the above legal statuses. Also in March were registered: 119 social business entities, 5 branches of foreign profit-oriented legal entities, 15 joint stock companies, 28 cooperatives and 2 joint and several companies.

The biggest number of business entities were registered in Tbilisi – 2 197. The increase was highest in Zugdidi Municipality.

Top ten territorial units by number of business entities are:

Tbilisi – quantity: 2197; increase compared to same period last year – 0.2%

Batumi – quantity: 322; increase: 1.3%

Kutaisi – quantity: 212; increase: – 4.5%

Rustavi – quantity: 154; increase: 14.9%

Zugdidi Municipality – quantity: 113; increase: 16.5%

Gori Municipality – quantity: 102; increase: -8.9%

Sachkhere Municipality – quantity: 84; increase: -10.6%

Marneuli Municipality – quantity: 79; increase: -4.8%

Kobuleti Municipality – quantity: 71; increase: 4.4%

Khelvachauri Municipality – quantity: 70; increase: 0.0%

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