Georgia advanced in business tourism rating

Georgia advanced in business tourism rating

In the rating (2017-2018) of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), which is updated on an annual basis and represents one of the leading determinator in the field of business tourism, Georgia’s ranking has advanced by 8 points. In 2014-2017, Georgia advanced by total of 18 points. For this ranking, ICCA counts meetings held by international associations in various countries and cities.

Namely, in 2016, Georgia ranked 81, while in the rating of 2017, the country was in 73rd position. Number of official meetings held in the country during one year is 17. In the European region, Georgia ranks 35 out of 42 countries. As to the cities, Tbilisi ranks 193 among more than 400 cities of the world. The leading position in the business tourism rating is held by United States of America, where 941 meetings are held annually, USA is followed by Germany with 682 business meetings and United Kingdom with 592 meetings.

Among cities, Barcelona is the leader, followed by Paris and Vienna.

According to the survey, number of business meetings increase worldwide and last year 12 558 meetings were held in the world.

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