Georgia has advanced in the Social Progress Index

Georgia has advanced in the Social Progress Index

Georgia has advanced in the Social Progress Index (Social Progress Imperative) and is presently holding 53rd position. Compared to the previous year, Georgia’s position has become one step better. By now, Georgia’s rating is 70,80.

For the rating, three indicators are used: basic human needs (index determines whether the state ensures access to basic human needs for its citizens) – in this criterion Georgia got 87,1 points of 100; foundations for wellbeing (index determines whether all the citizens have equal opportunities for development of their potential) – Georgia was rated 74,06; and opportunities – where Georgia got 51,2 points of 100.

Georgia has the lowest ratings in following criteria: tolerance – 26,3; access to higher education – 55,8; personal freedom and choice – 57,8; health and wellness – 62,8.

Georgia was assigned highest ratings in following criteria: personal safety – 82,8; water and sanitation – 90; access to basic knowledge – 99.

In all, the rating analyzes 128 countries. Denmark, Finland and Island are the first three accordingly. In the rating, Armenia is number 59, Turkey – 61, Ukraine – 64 and Russia – 67. Azerbaijan’s position in the rating is 76.

According to the tolerance criterion, Georgia is in 124th position among 128 countries.

With regard to access to information, Georgia is rated 75,3 and with this rating the country holds 52nd position in the world. As to internet users, Georgia is 70th in the rating and press freedom rating for Georgia is 48 points.

Average rating for Social Progress Index in the world is 64 points of 100.

The criteria, included into the Social Progress Index, do not directly affect economic growth in the country. However, often, the increase of incomes raises the level of access of the population to clean water, healthcare and education.

Despite the above, e.g., personal safety index, compared to the average income countries, is not high and in some cases, it is even lower. 

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