Georgia ranking number 10 in terms of Internet cheapness

Georgia ranking number 10 in terms of Internet cheapness

Georgia is among the ten countries with the cheapest internet. The price for broadband services was surveyed by the British company BDRC in 196 countries.

According to the survey, monthly fee for broadband services is the cheapest in Iran and makes only 5,3$. The survey showed, that in Georgia this price is 16,6$.

Most expensive Internet is the in Burkina Faso – in this African state, monthly fee for internet is almost 1000$. This West African country has the population 18 mln people, however, internet is accessible only for 11% of the residents of the country.

Top ten countries with the cheapest internet are:

Iran – monthly fee – $5,37

Ukraine – monthly fee – $5,51

Russia – monthly fee – $9,93

Moldova – monthly fee – $10,80

Syria – monthly fee – $12,15

Egypt – monthly fee – $12,42

Belarus – monthly fee – $12,77

Romania – monthly fee – $13,47

Kazakhstan – monthly fee – $13,71

Georgia – monthly fee – $16,68

And countries with most expensive internet are: Burkina Faso ($961); Papua New Guinea – (597$); Namibia ($440); Brunei ($267); Laos ($231).

Every month, Germans pay for internet an average of $34. Monthly Internet fee in United Kingdom is $40 and $29 is in Italy.

Presently, 53,9% of the worlds population still has no access to Internet. 

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