Georgia ranks 21 in the world in terms of wine export

Georgia ranks 21 in the world in terms of wine export

Since 2012, wine export in the world has reduced by 2.6%. 69.5% of the world wine export is the share of European countries. According to Worldtopexports, the world leader in wine export is France, from where in 2016, wine worth of 9.1 bln USD was exported, which was 28.2% of total volume of wine export.

Top 10 wine exporter countries are: 

  1. France: US$9.1 bln (28.2% of total export)
  2. Italy: $6.2 bln (19.2% of total export)
  3. Spain: $3 bln (9.2% of total export)
  4. Chile: $1.9 bln (5.7% of total export)
  5. Australia: $1.7 bln (5.3% of total export)
  6. United States of America: $1.6 bln (4.8% of total export)
  7. New Zealand: $1.1 bln (3.5% of total export)
  8. Germany: $1 bln (3.2% of total export)
  9. Argentina: $816.8 mln (2.5% of total export)
  10. Portugal: $804.5 mln (2.5% of total export) 

Georgia holds 21st position among largest wine exporter countries. In 2016, export of wine from Georgia made 113.5 mln USD, which is 0.4% of total export. According to 2016 rates, up to 50 mln bottles (0,75 l) of wine was exported to 53 countries. Last year, wine export from Georgia increased and made 170 mln USD. In terms of quantity, last year Georgia exported 76,7 mln bottles to 53 countries.

93.5% of wine export in the world is performed by 15 countries. With regard to wine export, the fastest growing country is China. Since 2012, wine export from China increased by 606.3%. China is followed by Hong Kong with 193.6% growth and New Zealand with 14.3% growth.

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