Georgia ranks 47 in the world in the Investment Attractiveness Index

Georgia ranks 47 in the world in the Investment Attractiveness Index

The audit and business consulting company BDO International published International Business Compass 2018. The index measures the attractiveness of a particular country with regard to potential investment in private sector.

International Business Compass surveys the sustainability of a country and involves three directions: economic, political/legal and social/cultural. In the 2018 ranking, Georgia holds 47th position. The position of the country hasn’t changed compared to last year. Georgia’s ranking is 60,43 of 100. Georgia’s position is still behind the 2015 ranking, when the country held 43rd position.

Georgia’s best position is in political/legal indicator, holding 41st position in the world with 73 points, which is 5 points behind the last year’s ranking. Georgia ranks 53 in the social/cultural criterion, and the assessment of economic environment puts the country in 48th position.

Among the countries of Asia region, Georgia holds 11th position in terms of attractiveness for investments.

The leader of the ranking is Singapore, which is followed by Hong Kong and Switzerland.

The survey covers 174 countries of the world and these countries are assessed taking the account of GDP per capita, country’s external debt, inflation rates, ease of doing business, political stability, the rule of law, free trade, population, freedom of labor, etc.

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