Georgia ranks 77th in the world in terms of internet speed

Georgia ranks 77th in the world in terms of internet speed

The British portal Cable annually calculates the internet speed in various countries of the world. Compared to previous years, Georgia’s rating has worsened – last year the country held 70th position.

To calculate internet speed, the portal took the period from June 2017 to May 2018 and compared information about more than 160 mln broadband connections. According to the study, in Georgia, downloading of a 5GB HD movie takes 1 hr and 49 min on average. Besides, average download speed in Georgia is 6.25 Mbps.

The fastest internet in the world is in Singapore – average speed is 60 Mbps, and the average time needed to download a 5GB HD movie is 11 min and 18 sec. The survey indicates that fast internet in a country is facilitated by well-developed digital infrastructure, as well as its small Geography.

The authors of the survey state that the economic development of a country does not directly influence the speed of internet in a specific country. Second and third paces are held by Sweden and Demark respectively. Neither Germany nor the USA is in the top 10 – these countries rank 25th and 20th respectively.

The slowest internet is in Turkmenistan, Somalia, and Yemen.

Top ten countries with the fastest internet are:

Singapore – average speed 60.3 Mbps

Sweden – average speed 46 Mbps

Denmark – average speed 43.9 Mbps

Norway – average speed 40.12 Mbps

Romania – average speed 38.6 Mbps

Belgium – average speed 36.7 Mbps

Netherlands – average speed 35.9 Mbps

Luxemburg – average speed 35.1 Mbps

Hungary – average speed 34 Mbps

Jersey Island – average speed 30.90 Mbps

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