Georgian Technical University signs cooperation agreement with Croatian engineering company Institute IGH

Georgian Technical University signs cooperation agreement with Croatian engineering company Institute IGH

Croatian Engineering Company IGH is interested in widening its’ sphere of activities in Georgia;  Mr. Paladina and Board member Mr. Oliver Kumrić are currently conducting meetings regarding future cooperation in the Georgian Regional Development and Infrastructure Ministry, Georgian Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Protection Ministry, “Georgian Amelioration” and “Georgian Railway”, with the aim to review the new possibilities for IGH to assist in new projects and its participation in implementation of European standards in Georgia.     

On Tuesday 26 September at 17:00 in the Georgian Technical University Administrative Building, a mutual cooperation memorandum between Georgian Technical University and Croatian Engineering Company Institute IGH will be signed.  

The memorandum will be signed by the head of university, academician Mr. Archil Prangishvili and Mr. Ivan Paladina, president of Management Board in Institute IGH JSC. 

Croatian Engineering Company intends to cooperate with the Georgian Technical University in several directions, specifically, to award monthly allowance to the 5 most successful students of the Construction Faculty’s master’s program, to aid the faculty in further development of educational academic programs, to participate in the work of the advisory council of the employers, to organize internship for students in the company’s Tbilisi office, at the supervisory sites in Georgia and design-field works.       

Mr. Ivan Paladina said that the company will help the university in finding corresponding, contemporary manuals and also provide personal recommendations and opinions regarding the existing and planned educational programs. IGH will help the university in cooperation with the Zagreb Technical University in the above-mentioned direction. Sides will prepare joint scientific articles on innovations, contemporary technologies and European standards. The leading specialists of the company will conduct seminars for the university students.    

IGH is currently cooperating with the Roads Department of Georgia and is carrying out the roads rehabilitation-construction and maintenance works supervision, but also it is working on several road design projects.  Specifically, the company is occupied with Lentekhi-Mestia Tunnel, Sno-Shatili-Akhmeta Bypass road, Kutaisi-Abastumani section and Zemo Imereti-Racha road design projects.

 About the company:  

IGH started its activities in Georgia at the end of 2016 when the contract with the Roads Department of Georgian of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure was signed for the provision of supervision services for routine repairs, periodic repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction, modernization, and construction works, disaster and other force major clean-up operations and bank protections works to be carried out on international and secondary roads of Georgia. From then, IGH opened the branch office in Tbilisi with 68 employed experts of whom are 16 employees from Croatia and 52 are from Georgia. IGH Branch office employees are young designers and supervising engineers, translator, specialist in maintenance, administrative staff and drivers. 

Besides Georgia, INSTITUT IGH has branches in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo. The company also operates in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. 

INSTITUT IGH was founded in Croatia in 1949 and from then conducts professional and research & development activities in the broad field of civil engineering. Its main activities include design works, studies, technical supervision, consulting services, investigations, usability checking, laboratory testing and calibration. The company has designed more than 800 bridges, over 80 km total length of tunnels, among them also the longest tunnel in Croatia, the Mala Kapela with its length of 5760 m, are recognized as the safest in Europe (2007 and 2008). 

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