Highest Earning Georgian TV Channels

Highest Earning Georgian TV Channels

According to a recent research, the popularity of television is falling in Georgia, but it remains as the main source of information about political affairs and news. According to the Transparency International (TI) Georgia research, in 2014 the television was the main source of information for 84% of the population, whereas in 2017 this indicator dropped to 72%. However, television remains the largest player in the advertisement market.  

In 2017, compared to the previous year, the revenues of TV companies increased by 0.6 million GEL and in total came to 97.5 million GEL.

According to TI data, revenues from advertisement amounted to 69.2 million GEL, which compared to the previous year marks a decrease by 14.1 million GEL. Therefore, in 2017 revenues generated from advertisement dropped by 16.9%.

Despite the decline of the advertising market, there are television companies whose revenues are growing consistently. For example, TV Pirveli’s revenues from advertising almost doubled in 2017 compared to the year before.

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