How much does internet cost in Georgia and the world

How much does internet cost in Georgia and the world

In 2017, the price for 12-30mg/sec fixed internet basket in Georgia was 29.13€. According to the National Communications Commission, last year, to compare the fixed broadband internet prices in Georgia with the prices in other countries, the report prepared by Van DIJK Consultant advisory group with the task of the European Commission, which report includes the most used tariffs of 30 European countries, as well as USA, Canada, Japan and Korea.

The report discusses within the country the offers of the largest operators, whose total share on the fixed broadband internet retail service market is over 40%. After determination of the operator, for a specific basket, the cheapest package was selected. 1-month or close-to-one-month standard packages are considered. The methodology doesn’t include installation price, promo actions and other additional fees (i.e., line rental fee). The report uses prices in euros, taking into consideration the purchasing power of the national currency (Euro PPP).

By the end of 2017, most subscribers in Georgia used packages, declared speed of which varied between 10mb/sec and 30mb/sec. the share of such users made 34%. This was followed by offered package with 28% rate. It should be noted that by technologies, the speed of the most popular packages is different, which is natural. For instance, in case with fiber optic and fixed LTE technologies, the speed of most packages is within 10-30mb/sec (optic – 50.4%, LTE – 44%), while in case of xDSL and WiFi technologies, the declared speed mainly varies between 2 and 10 mb/sec (xDSL – 96.7%, WiFi – 84.2%).

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