ICC-Georgia holds General Assembly

ICC-Georgia holds General Assembly

On 8 June 2018, ICC Georgia held a General Assembly at Betsy’s Hotel to elect members of the Executive Board, the Chair and two Vice-Chairpersons.

Mr. Fady Asly, Chairman of ICC Georgia, presented to the audience the 2017-2018 activities and talked about the major challenges and achievements.

ICC Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, Nona Mamulashvili made a presentation about the 2017 fiscal results and the budget for 2018.

11 candidates were running for the seats on the Board. Following the vote, the 9 elected members are:

Fady Asly, Aleksi Aleksishvili, Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, Maia Sidamonidze, Nona Mamulashvili, Michael Saunders, Zaza Bibilashvili, Mehmet Koçak, Kakha Sharabidze.

Mr. Fady Asly was elected as Chairman of ICC Georgia, Mr. Nikoloz Khundzakishvili – as First Vice-Chairman and Ms. Maia Sidamonidze as Vice Chair – Treasurer. “We welcome the newly elected Board Members and are glad to see new blood on our Board, said Fady Asly Chairman of the Board.

ICC Georgia is the largest and most vocal global Business Association in the country; it includes over 350 corporate and youth members and 28 business associations. The International Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in the world that includes over 6.5 million businesses and chambers of commerce. ICC consults regularly at the global level with the G8, G20, the World Bank, WTO, WCO and the UN.


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