In Fragile States Index, Georgia Rates 79 In The World

In Fragile States Index, Georgia Rates 79 In The World

Every year, the Fund for Peace publishes the Fragile States Index, which analyzes political risk to warn politicians and the society about possible conflicts. The index measures the levels of stability and existing tensions.

In the 2017 ratings, Georgia holds 79th position among 178 countries. Georgia’s ranking is 76.5 of 120. In 2016, Georgia’s rating was 78.9, which means that the risks have reduced for Georgia. In 2016, Georgia held 72nd position on the list. Over the last decade, Georgia was worst rated in 2009, after the 2008 war, when it held 33rd position. Since then, the country’s position has been improving annually. Considering various risks, countries are divided into four categories – sustainable, stable, warning, alert. Georgia is included into the “warning” category.

Over the last five years, Georgia’s ranking has reduced by 8.3 points.

The index’s ranks are based on twelve indicators of state vulnerability, grouped by three categories: social (four), economic (two) and political (six).

Each category is scored between 0 and 10, with a lower number indicating a lower level of risk. Georgia’s ranking in different indicators is as follows:

Economic indicators – 6,4 points. This criterion incorporates economic inequality level in the country, human capital and macroeconomic indicators.

Social indicators – 6.4 points. The criterion incorporates demographic situation of the country and number of migrants and immigrants in the country.

Political indicators – 6.4 points. This criterion includes the assessment of legitimacy of the state, human rights and public services.

By the 2017 index, Finland is the most sustainable country in the world and among the ‘alert states’ it holds the last, 178th position. Next country to come are Norway and Switzerland. According to the index, the most ‘alert’ country in the world is Sudan.

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