In Georgia, 47,7% Of Enterprises Do Not Use Social Networks

In Georgia, 47,7% Of Enterprises Do Not Use Social Networks

In Georgia, 98,4% of enterprises have access to internet. According to the survey conducted by GeoStat, to provide connection to internet, fixed broadband equipment (e.g., optic-fiber (FTTH) cable technologies) – 40,2% and DSL connection (e.g., xDSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL, etc.)- 31,8% is mostly used.

Besides, 17,3% of enterprises use cellphone network broadband connection (3G, 4G), and 10,6% of them use other mobile connection (e.g., GSM, GPRS, EDGE, etc.).

46,5% of enterprise employees use portable computers or smartphones owned by the enterprises, which provides internet connection (only for the purposes of the enterprise) and the percentage of enterprises, using a webpage or website is 44,7%.

Enterprises mainly use types of social media, as a social network (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) – 33,7% and 47,7% of enterprises do not use social media at all. The main goal of using social media was creation of an enterprise image or development of its own market (25,5%), as well as responding to customers’ questions, opinions and feedback (27,2%).

Target group of the survey were functioning enterprises with more than 9 employees. Enterprises operating in following fields participated to the survey: production, construction, water supply; sewerage, waste management and pollution; wholesale and retain trading; motorcar and motorcycle repair; transport and storage; accommodation and catering; information and communication; professional, scientific and technical activities; administrative and supplementary activities.

The survey brings together the data for last year. 

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